We all found common ground; The love of Christ, and grimy, hard, scare your mom metal.

So we decided to put the two together.

Deathbreaker (formerly Redeem the Exile) is a Hardcore band based out of Olympia, Washington. We have just finished recording a new full length album with Matt Bayles in Seattle, Washington, and will be releasing with Facedown Records on May 12th.
We have been a band for six years. In those six years, we have released 2 EP’s, our current full length, done several west coast tours, a national tour, opened for several tour packages including Silent Planet and Norma Jean and have played many festivals such as Creation Northwest and Joshua Fest in California.

Vessels are a five man group from Leeds, UK. Formed in 2005, they released two studio albums of epic post-rock. 2015 album Dilate showcases their transition to euphoric electronic dance music.

Post Rapture Party

There is always some one left behind. We are the after party. Join us in joyous celebration with our fellow orphans left upon the earth. We bring together the sadness, fury, regret, romance and passion in the darkest of days and the brightest of nights.

$10.00 - $12.00


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