Small Change Romeos - Original Americana Rock and 70's Classics

Small Change Romeos - Original Americana Rock and 70's Classics

The Small Change Romeos sizzle with vocal harmonies, catchy tunes and guitar driven rock n roll. Songwriters Chris James and Mike Ruy, backed by drummer Matt Berg, Bassist AJ Leighton and Keyboardist John Patterson, collectively have played together for many years and the synergy between them is undeniable. Drawing from a number of influences and musical genres that range from rock, country, and blues to alternative, the band is renowned for firing up audiences with memorable songs, and an engaging, energized live show. After a 4 year hiatus that saw Co-Frontman Chris James starting a solo project: Chris James & The Showdowns, The Romeos are back together, writing new material and new album is on pace to be released later this year...

"Small Change Romeos are a killer band and I've been lucky enough to sit in with them both onstage and in the studio. I dig that they always wear their hearts on their sleeves in their songs...which is a pleasure and a rarity in today's market" -Dave Rude, Tesla

In 2007 their album “Fool’s Gold” attracted the attention of the majors and the band was able to secure a music placement contract with Gotham Records out of NYC. The record features a host of talented musical guests including: Dave Rude (Tesla), J Bowman of (Spearhead) and Phil Bennett (Starship).

In addition, the Small Change Romeos have had plays on many West Coast radio stations including 107.7 The Bone, 91.1 KMUD, 90.1 Pirate Cat FM, and KGO 810 AM. They have also had music featured in commercials seen on various TV stations including CNN, and they have been broadcast on SIRIUS satellite radio as well as a host of other Internet stations. They have also been a featured act on the ongoing Comcast television show SF Sound.

In 2005, the track “Not Like This” was chosen to be part of the SAUZA "LIVE ALL SUMMER" compilation CD that distributed 40,000 copies nationwide and in 2007 landed a spot as SNOCAP's featured artist and download. The Romeo’s video and song “01.20.09” can been seen on a host of "call for change" websites including and was one of Bruce Springsteen's personal picks for a playlist on E STREET SIRIUS RADIO.

"Small Change Romeos are a rising band, with great pop sensibilities, energy, and emotion..." -Ted Ramey, SF EXAMINER

"SCR is a real rock band. They bring to mind an edgy, dynamic and classic sound that is missing in so much of todays music. Great songwriting and awesome onstage performance and energy". Working with them both on the stage and in the studio has always been a pleasure and an incredible experience..." -Phil Bennett, Starship

"Its Pearl Jam Meets Bad Company" - Unknown

We play covers of some well known bands like the Rolling Stones and Billy Joel, but you will NEVER hear Satisfaction or Piano Man. Instead we play high energy, lesser know charts that often get confused as original stuff. Our list of original songs is growing considerably. The list includes "Overbite", "The Way to Us", "Godley," as well as the Path, Corporate, Tiburon, and a few others...



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