The American-Irish Punk Band “CRAIC,” named for the Gaelic term meaning interesting banter & good company including music & good drink, takes traditional Irish music and turns it into an energy driven, fist pumping, “in your face” good time. CRAIC is full of a wide diversity of influence which makes the talent of the band stand out, from the beautiful sounds of the tin whistle, to the plucky hollow, bright, incisive clarity of the banjo, to the rich deep sound of the acoustic guitar, all backed up by drums, bass and the distortion of the electric guitar. Topped off with the wailing voices of all, you’ll surely enjoy the full-body sound of CRAIC.

Reverend Morbid

Rev. Morbid, an alter ego and brain child of ex-Guttervamps frontman Michael Daimon. Formed in 2009, he immediately entered the studio with a head full of ideas. Rev and his friend Brother Ray Ray created the self titled debut of Rev. Morbid. Now that the album is done and has officially been released, let the hellraisin' begin!

The Post Hole Diggers

We drink beer and make music in Cleveland, OH.

$5.00 - $8.00


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