Thorp Jenson, Jonathan Meadows

Thorp Jenson

Thorp Jenson and his band the Eastern Frieghtliner create music cut straight from the Amercian landscape; a nod to the Rock and roll, southern soul, and country music that has been brewing for a century and a half. Some folks would call it Americana or rock and roll, but if you asked Thorp he would tell you it is just Amercian music; a stew stirred in the heartland underneath the Viginia skies Thorp and his band call home.

Jonathan Meadows

Jonathan Meadows "Lead Singer of The Congress" Ultimately, The Congress is a band that shows reverence for their roots through both cohesion and creativity. “It’s hard to pigeonhole us one way or the other,” says guitarist/vocalist Scott Lane. “We do what comes naturally, with a lot of focus on song and arrangement, and very little on genre. We’re not great at putting ourselves in one box.” That’s borne out on The Game, even on an initial listen. From the mournful sway of “Home Again” and “Farewell,” to the jazzy, soulful sound evident in “When I Got the Time,” it’s clear The Congress is as versatile as it is unpredictable. The slow, steady glide of “Poison and Antidote” and “This Ain’t Livin’” finds a perfect mesh with spry rockers like “Ain’t It Easy,” “September” and the title track, ensuring a subtle change in tone and tempo throughout.

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