Electric Funeral

Electric Funeral

Electric Funeral is a 70's era Black Sabbath tribute that plays all the Sabbath hits and obscure gems. Everything from Iron Man, War Pigs and Paranoid to Sweetleaf as well as lost songs and B sides like The Warning and Hand of Doom to Spiral Architect. This band was formed in 2005 by Tim G Sabbath from Anvil Deth and Lance Ozanix from Skitzo and Tim were on the same music festival in Lithuania and when they bumped into each other they decided to form a Sabbath tribute act when they got back to the states.
Liz Say from Outrage on Drums and Dave Delicio from Gweedo the Killer Pimp, on Bass.
Electric Funeral has played various private parties and shows at the Phoenix, Raven, Sweet Water, Benders and several breweries and Speakeasys in the Bay Area.


More to come !!

$10.00 - $15.00


Upcoming Events
HopMonk Tavern - Novato