The Uranium Club, Lars Finberg, The CIA

The Uranium Club

Sharpen your pencils, pseudo intellectuals, the Uranium Club is coming! Formed in 2014, The Minneapolis Uranium Club Band sounds exactly like Wire and exactly like Devo and exactly like the Randoms and exactly like Total Control and exactly like the Shitty Limits and exactly like Eddy Current and exactly like The Fall without Mark E. Smith's languidness. It's the Sex Pistols misfiring. The Prodigal Sons are leaving the clubhouse to sew their wild oats and bring us the mid-grade stuff we've come to love so much. With releases on Lumpy, Fashionable Idiots, Static Shock, and now a live album on Castle Face Records, all we can do is ask for "more"!

Lars Finberg


Continued Intense Awareness, Courtesy Is Appreciated, Closely Investigate Anomaly, Craving Intimate Abundance, Create Interesting Allocation, Crying In Admiration, Cupcakes Invoke Awe, Calmly Ignore Aggravation, Crippling Intestinal Agony, Conjuring Imaginary Animals, Corporate Insides Always, Cervix Is Attractive, Climax Interrupts Angst, Child's Interest Apple, Cindy Is Amazing, Captain If Able, Cumming Is All, Certainly I Am, Central Intelligence Agency, Curt Irritated Aunties, Can I Answer?, Clipping Instrument Awards, Centipedes Inside Arses, Cucumbers Insist Action, Cumbersome Idiom Aping, Certainly Is Annoying, Causally Imbibing Alcohol, Creaming In Alleyways, Chrome Island Anti-Craft, Cerulean Ice Atheist, Captain Ignoramus’ Airship, Countable Inward Aliases



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