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Indigo Child

Indigo Child taps into the deeper darker parts of your soul. beats that vibrate your ribcage and send electrical currents through your body. every show is 100% raw talent and intimate with the audience. Indigo Child (Rob) wants to provide a connection between him and the audience to help people capture the side of themselves they dont normally see in themselves. This is the darker side of spirituality!

First exposed to the art of DJing after moving to The Windy City in 2006, Christopher Noland (aka DJ Hollow Point) found himself immediately enamored with the idea of spinning records. Most would be surprised to learn that the junglist actually traces his roots in electronic music to Chicago house, not drum & bass.

“A friend of mine was an old school house DJ, so I actually cut my DJ teeth on classic Chicago house records,” Hollow Point says as he reflects on his earliest memories learning the craft. “Labels like Dust Traxx and Moody Recordings, as well as artists like Paul Johnson, Barbara Tucker and Armand Van Helden were common on the 12" records I'd use to learn the basics of DJing.”

It wasn’t long before he found his true calling: drum & bass.

“The best part about discovering drum & bass music was the fact that I had no outside influence on the matter; quite the opposite, actually. My friends begged me to stick with house music, but the rhythm and pace of drum & bass had already made its way into my subconscious.”

Just one year later DJ Hollow Point performed his first public set at the Eviction Notice rave in South Chicago Heights. He soon moved to Indianapolis to carve his place in the ranks of the great already-established DJs that ruled the city.

Since that summer, DJ Hollow Point has dedicated himself to pushing the limits of Indianapolis drum & bass, forever finding new ways to blend dubstep, drumstep, trap and moombahton into his own unique brand of deep, heavy drum & bass.

In 2008, Hollow Point began hosting a live weekly radio show called "Introspection" on internet station BoostFM.com. Hollow Point has shared the stage with acts such as Bare, LTJ Bukem, Dieselboy, Reid Speed, Terravita, Ana Sia, Zeds Dead, Forest Green, roeVy, DJ 3D, Figure and more.

Always striving to keep drum & bass relevant in Indianapolis, Hollow Point works hard to cultivate growth in the scene and support his fellow bass music DJs. Whether he’s educating the next generation on great music of the past or helping his stalwart fans to appreciate today’s most forward-thinking producers- count on DJ Hollow Point to deliver nothing but the best, every single time.

PELOQUIN is Darrell J. Gilbert Jr, an electronic bassmusic producer (formerly known as DARKO) hailing from the Midwest of North America in Dayton, OH. PELOQUIN has grown into his own unique, abrasive, experimental, and innovative musical style; from which has been coined the term "Doomstep:" a subgenre focusing on the 122bpm - 100bpm spectrum of tempos that he has found his home in electronic bassmusic. PELOQUIN has played with a slew of talented visionary bassmusic / electronic artists such as Eprom, Sayer, DMVU, Yheti, Toadface, Jantsen, Of The Trees, Mt. Analogue, Bib Wingus, Tetra, AB-Life, Indigo Child, Matter, & Sather Bass. With a new year around the corner the PELOQUIN project isn't slowing down anytime soon.

Freeform-aggro-electronic DJ with an amazing love of music.

#1 for the week at Hearthis.at for week number 51 in 2016

#1 for the week at Hearthis.at for week number 49 in 2016

"Best Mix" at "Platinum Nationals Dance Competition" in )Jonesboro, Georgia)

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