LOUNGE: Rascal Martinez, MMATRS

Rascal Martinez

Channeling a mix of rockabilly, folk and country, with a subtext of Latin melodies, Rascal Martinez's unique American-style roots music awakens memories of Buddy Holly and early Van Morrison with accessible and heartfelt originals, as well as an impressive catalogue of covers and standards.

My name is Herf Yamaya, and I am Mother Mary and the Ritual Sadness. As an iteration of the self, MMATRS /ˈmæ-tərs/ is the sensory internalized and made tangible again through performance, music, and word. Influences range from Catholicism to Buddhism, and include messengers like Emerson, Gandhi, Vonnegut, Cobain and Robert Kennedy. Life is accentuated by terrifying love and awesome pain, but ratified by the determination to rise in spite of them. Some say the world is a reflection of our thoughts. If so, then MMATRS is an experiment in which that reflection is digested and fed back into itself."



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