Chicago Doomed and Stoned Festival

Chicago Doomed and Stoned Festival

Came up with this crazy idea. What would it be like to have everyday people report on the heavy scene in their area? The underground sharing news of the underground for the underground, the world around. Focused completely on the latest and the best in the Sabbath legacy: doom, sludge and drone metal, stoner, psychedelic, and 70's-inspired rock.

American Doom Metal band, formed in 2012, from Oshkosh, WI.

Black Pyramid

Psychedelic doom metal band out of Northampton, MA, US.
Formed in 2007 and originally active until 2013. They reformed as of 2015.

At a monumental time in musical history (where anything goes) Black Road takes full advantage by merging genres to create their unique sound of ROCK.. Inspired by all the greats which came before… we were simply born too late.

Brain Tentacles

BRAIN TENTACLES is a journey in improvised and structured experimental sound from three venerable scene veterans that will consume, evolve and then regurgitate ambiguous noise upon its listeners. Based off a trio of drums (Dave Witte), saxophone (Bruce Lamont) and bass (Aaron Dallison), the multi-state project formed spontaneously via a road trip in 2013 and toured with Melt-Banana before they even had a bassist – until they found Dallison on one of those dates. The group then signed to Relapse Records to prepare for their debut full-length. Like many of their avant-garde peers, BRAIN TENTACLES‘ compositions very nearly careen off the edge into total chaos, but unlike many of those same peers, the band possesses the self-awareness and rhythmic prowess to (usually) rein in the mayhem at the last possible section; an act that will stimulate your cerebrum while simultaneously smashing it in. The band has already played high-profile shows with High on Fire, Eyehategod, Melt-Banana, Iron Reagan and many more.

This year, the self-titled debut album from the mind-melting metallic jazz trio sees the threepiece weaving their way through twisted, seizure-inducing compositions that call to mind the insanity of John Zorn’s storied project Naked City and Mike Patton’s most erratic experiments. BRAIN TENTACLES are masters of tension: the album moves unpredictably from mathy chaos to ponderous, juddering grooves that warp time in their wake, darting from one extreme to the other via insane rhythms and truly progressive, expansive songwriting. Occasional vocals (including a guest appearance from Oxbow’s Eugene Robinson) lend an even sharper edge to the album, which is sure to blow away fans of instrumental and vocal-driven music alike. Produced by Sanford Parker (Minsk, YOB, etc) and features artwork by Jef Whitehead of Leviathan!

In a world where everything travelled at the speed of sludge, Brume were united by a love of the riff in San Francisco at the beginning of 2014. Jamie McCathie (guitar) moved to California, leaving his UK sludge band Gurt in London but knew as soon as he met Susie McMullan (vox/bass) they’d make music. Instantly bonding over bands like Sleep, Windhand and The Melvins the two got to writing. Arising from the fog came Jordan Perkins-Lewis (Drums), who's unique 'Mr Bungle'esque inspiration rounded out the songs, taking each idea and creating something beyond heavy. The trio headed into Sharkbite studios in Oakland (Sleep, High on Fire, Acid King) to create there first record at the end of 2014, combing fuzz soaked stoner metal, haunting ritualistic vocals and crushing slow and low doom

Faces of the Bog

Faces of the Bog is a psychedelic tinged, doom influenced, sludge/prog four piece from the west side of Chicago. The band is presently working on a full-length album scheduled for release in spring of 2014.

In a world where having a doom band is the “in thing to do”, Huntsmen separate themselves by adding some really deep atmospheric prog and blues touches to their tracks. Their newest release “The Colonel” is as punishing as it is serene. I see a really bright future for these cats. – Doc Metal from The Doc Metal Show with the Real Munson, August 2016

Formed in 2006, Inter Arma is one of the most talked about heavy bands to come out of Richmond, VA . The group (consisting of T.J. Childers - Drums, Steven Russell - Guitars, Trey Dalton - Guitars, Mike Paparo - Vocals, Joe Kerkes - Bass) formed in 2006 and released their crushing debut full-length Sundown via Forcefield Records in 2010 to much critical acclaim. Combining a punk rock ethos with an esoteric blend of psychedelia, black metal, and doom/sludge, the quintet quickly developed a name for themselves in the underground through relentless touring and mesmerizing live performances. After Sundown's release, Inter Arma began a rigorous DIY touring schedule, playing shows with bands like Cough, Krallice, Mutant Supremacy, Castevet, Royal Thunder, Ken Mode, The Body, Hull, Batillus, Black Breath and many more.

Pale Grey Lore

Columbus Ohio’s Pale Grey Lore create heavy, fuzzed-out rock and roll that is spacey and psychedelic, yet focused and concise. Melodic vocals and tasteful harmonies echo alongside thunderous drums, while fuzz-drenched reverberating guitars push demon-haunted vintage amplifiers to the brink. Pale Grey Lore’s self-titled debut album had its vinyl release on December 1st 2017 via Oak Island Records, an imprint of German label Kozmik Artifactz. The album was originally released on CD and digital download in June of 2016. Spanning the genres of psych rock, doom metal, post-punk and drone pop, the album’s nine tracks are refreshingly diverse, yet part of a remarkably coherent whole that adds up to much more than the sum of its parts.

Pale Horseman

Pale Horseman is a 4 piece metal band from the Chicago area which combines elements of sludge, doom, and death metal. Featuring a dual attack of guitarists/vocalists and a pummeling rhythm section, their live shows have been most often described as “crushing" and their studio recordings have been handled by the mixing boards of some of their biggest influences including Dennis Pleckham of Bongripper, Noah Landis of Neurosis, and Justin Broadrick of Godflesh.

The fully awoken and screaming beast Of Wolves is Steve Sherwood (guitars/vox), Jon Kulpit (drums/back up screams) and Scott Cirksena (bass, backing vox). Steve a longtime old school DIY crossover Punk/Metalhead from many Chicago bands like IVC, THC, Chronic Jaywalker, Halftone, Hedspin. Steve became very frustrated with the the current evolution of heavier music types. Sick of seeing and hearing the "same ol shit" as he put it. He felt most music was trying to hard to be someone or everyone else instead of just being. All these bands trying to fit "the mold....or "cookie cutter" as he calls it. Why cant bands be heavy with out being fake? Or worse trying to sound like everyone else? Well he was ready! And he really needed the therapy! A heavy does of all forms of Punk & Metal. Its real and you can fell it. Even better you can see the release and the therapy this provides to the band and to their fans. After many drummers, heavy hitter Jon (ex Pervo, Crestfallen) gave the impact that was needed and after a Spinal Tap worth of bass players they finally found Scott (ex Flood, [omitted], A.S.S.).

With about three albums worth of material. These songs were written about various things that angered Steve over the years. Subjects that are direct relationship to a working class life. Everyday stress, disillusionment, social injustice. Anger. Politics, Religion. These songs are directly in touch with the world around us and have been waiting to be unleashed upon the masses to de-program and slap those still sleeping (the sheeple) wide awake with brutal force and honesty.

The full length CD is coming soon and the uniqueness of this band will be a refreshing change and an addictive new musical fix for all those who witness their fierce and straight forward approach and want something new and different.... slap in the face, a wake up call to the masses.


SCIENTIST is a metal/free jazz/post post metal/not-djent/post-rock/ post-punk freak out mostly instrumental band from chicago featuring ex members of fireisborn and other bands

Shadow Witch

Psychedelic rock / stoner metal band from Kingston, New York, US.

Like all good sludge bands, Sixes know their way around menacing feedback that will probably give you an irregular heartbeat (or best case scenario: tinnitus).
-Nic Huber, Metal Injection

"If I could describe SIXES in one word, it’d be “Grindhouse.” Not because their craft is shabby, but because the approach to their core focus, even in this day and age, is taboo, violent, and abrasive."
-Elizabeth Gore, Doomed & Stoned.

"This has all that a growing sludge fan needs: slow riffs - check, sandy growling bass - check, claustrophobic drums - check, feedback - check"
-Regnars Breikss, Shit Regnar Says.

"A powerful knockout session to your senses."
-Marty Jones, Vitriol Inc.

"If you’ve got 10 minutes and want to have the foulness of your mood reinforced, the four-piece work in defiance of their regional climate to kick the shit out of your ears for a while. Sure enough, it’ll make your sunny day dark."
-JJ Koczan, The Obelisk

The Age Of Truth is a band, a brotherhood and a mission. Four brothers-in-arms from Philadelphia united in the singular pursuit of making the most honest heaviness this broken world can handle. Perfect for an age where only the truth is acceptable as anything less will be revealed soon enough.

The Skull

THE SKULL, featuring former Trouble vocalist Eric Wagner and bassist Ron Holzner will be playing a few "Special First & Last Time" performances of the classic 1990 Def American s/t record "TROUBLE" in its entirety.

The band which also features long time CATHEDRAL drummer Brian Dixon, guitarist Lothar Keller ( SACRED DAWN, DIVINITY COMPROMISED), and guitarist Rob Wrong (WITCH MOUNTAIN) will also play assorted Skull songs as well to make for a truly special event.


"Reddened blades and broken shields; shattered limbs and headless foes."
Thorr-Axe was formed to give praise to conflict and conquest; to revel in victory and remember the fallen. Since 2007, Thorr-Axe has been an immutable force of nature in heavy music, blending sludge, black metal, and traditional heavy metal to forge something to be reckoned with. 2011 saw the release of their debut album, Wall Of Spears, engineered by Bob Fouts (The Gates Of Slumber, Apostle Of Solitude). In 2015, Thorr-Axe release Gates Of Winter, a heroic concept album in the vein of the Icelandic Sagas in its scope. Teaming up with Archarus in 2017, the two bands joined forces to release "The Hobbit Split", telling the narrative of J.R.R. Tolkien's timeless masterpiece in their own respective ways.
Bear witness.

Praise for "Gates Of Winter":
" early contender for best of 2015 and shows that blackened doom metal, as an art form, has a lot left to say. These are tracks that are going to rip your face off and leave your body torn apart, a twisted husk of its former self." -Two Guys Metal Reviews

"There’s an icy grimness in the atmosphere, a freezing river that courses through the songs. The band blends together the vibrating tremolo-picked motifs of black metal with the heavy, stalking riffs of doom and the bleak rumble of sludge — and the melodies are much more sombre and serious than beer-soaked and rollicking." -No Clean Singing

"The title track lumbers with frozen limbs like Jack Torrance in The Shining, with a similar spine-tingling animal roar to back it up..." -Ninehertz

Tripping The Mechanism

Doom / Sludge band from Charleston, South Carolina.


Founded November 2011 after a meeting at a Hank III show.
Initial line-up was Zach Newton on vocals and drums, and Daniel Johnson on guitar.
Out of those jams, a decision was made to continue under the name Waft.
Beeg Newton (brother of Zach's) joined the band on vocals, as did Ricky Tesner on bass sometime around April, 2012.
Chris Hunt joins on guitar in September, 2012, and leaves in November.
Beeg and Ricky depart at the end of 2012.
Dylan Snyder joins on guitar.
Waft plays as a 3 piece without a bass guitarist for a few months.
Adam Watson joins as bassist for a brief month-long stint in May 2013.
Zach Jeter fills in on bass for few weeks in July, 2013.
Alex Angell joins on bass and vocals in August, 2013.
Dylan leaves in February, 2014.
August 15th, 2014 sees the arrival of Adam Garrett on guitar.
Waft is now a 4 piece.

"Atlanta's "new kings of noise rock" Whores have hit the proverbial big time. With a two EPs that have achieved near-cult classic status in the noise rock underground and countless cross-country tours, over the past five years the band have managed to gain the kind of respect usually reserved for acts that have been pounding the pavement for decades. At the helm is veteran musician Christian Lembach, whose knack for combining sludgy, crushing riffs and immense walls of feedback is amplified further during the band's hypnotic live show. By all accounts, Lembach has never given less than his all for a crowd, and this assertion is validated by his tireless dedication to fan accessibility."

$20.00 - $50.00


Three Nights of Doom and Stoner Metal: Friday, Saturday, Sunday June 1, 2, 3. Limited Three Day Passes and Single Day Admission available. 
6PM doors each day. Friday:: Inter Arma, Black Pyramid, Black Road, Attalla, Shadow Witch, Pale Grey Lore. Saturday:: The Skull, Sixes, Huntsmen, Brume, Waft, Of Wolves, Thorr Axe. Sunday:: Whores., Brain Tentacles, Faces of the Bog, Pale Horseman, The Age of Truth, Tripping the Mechanism, Scientist.

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