Bodies Be Rivers, Lauren Balthrop, Caitlin Pasko

Bodies Be Rivers

Bodies Be Rivers’ sound is intimate yet fiercely bellowing, giving way to a shape-shifting soundscape. From tranquil streams to thunderous rapids, lilting vocals erupt in melody over a palette of gently mournful, trilling electric guitars.

Lauren Balthrop

With a voice as big as the whole state of Alabama, Dear Georgiana proves herself to be an authentic Southern Belle-de-force on her self-titled debut album. In the tradition of great female crooners like Dolly Parton and Linda Rondstadt, Dear Georgiana delivers heartfelt songs with a charming twang.

Growing up in a big musical family on the Gulf Coast of Alabama, her mother and aunts (Aunt Dorothy and Aunt Sweetie) would constantly break into 3-part harmony to entertain each other. She grew up listening to them sing The Andrew Sisters around the house. While both of her older brothers would go on on to become accomplished singer-songwriters, her muse led her to Florida State University where she studied musical theater. After college Georgiana followed her brother Pascal to New York and the two began the brother-sister collective “Balthrop, Alabama”: a 15-piece musical troupe complete with a live illustrator. The group presented a whimsical take on Americana that was a big hit with audiences at esteemed downtown venues like Joe’s Pub. In 2009, she formed “The Bandana Splits”—a retro-inspired girl-group with fellow singers Dawn Landes and Annie Nero. The trio released an album on Boyscout Records and garnered acclaim stateside and internationally in the press.

With that under her belt, all the while touring the world as a backing vocalist for artists like Ximena Sarinana, Georgiana began to work on the songs for her first solo release. The result is the self-titled debut, “Dear Georgiana,” a timeless collection of songs with subjects ranging from romance to the Apocalypse. The album was masterfully produced by Josh Kaufman (of Brooklynbased ‘Rocketship Park’ and ‘Yellowbirds’) and weaves together moments of grace and groove, that are at once haunting and beautiful. The record, like the world of its namesake, culls its signature sounds equally from a neon-bathed urban street…and a star-drenched Southern boulevard.

Caitlin Pasko

Caitlin Pasko — weaver of dreamy elegiac music for voice and piano. Musically her songs drift and float like the work of Satie or Debussy. Lyrically they're clear, simple meditations on tenderness and heartbreak. Pasko's style is built on this tension: between the looseness of the Impressionists and the simplicity of modern songwriters.

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