Leaving Esmeralda

Leaving Esmeralda

Leaving Esmeralda is a four-piece rock n' roll band from Toronto that are breaking into the city's live music scene. With a jazz fusion drummer, lyrical singer-songwriter, progressive rock guitarist, and a contemporary rock bass player, they come together to create a style that sounds familiar, yet unique. This quartet strives to achieve a fun, party atmosphere while staying true to the song's original intent. Leaving Esmeralda brings an arsenal of original material, incorporated with distinct covers that they play with their own flavour. If you want a show with an emphasis on "entertaining," do yourself a favour and check them out.

Dana & The Monsters Under The Bed

Dana & The Monsters Under the Bed is a three-piece alternative folk band. Originally formed in Hamilton, Dana's songwriting draws heavily on singer/songwriter, jazz, and blues influences. She is supported by Ethan Tilbury on bass who has contributed extensively to Dana's song arrangements. Both Ethan and drummer Alfie Vienneau are active members of Toronto's jazz scene. Dana studies music cognition and rehabilitation sciences and enjoys taking a "Moment of Science" at each show to share current research on the psychology, neuroscience, and rehabilitative effects of music. Dana's voice has been likened to Norah Jones during her jazzier tunes and audiences love her mouth trumpet.

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