Wild Moccasins

There is undeniable chemistry behind the infectious rhythms and pulsating beats of
Houston peripatetic pop troupe Wild Moccasins. With a combustion of frenetic sounds
that expand like an exploding star, the eclectic quartet sweats it out both on stage and
on their upcoming album, Look Together.
Made up by vocalist Zahira Gutierrez, Cody Swann on guitar, Nicholas Cody on bass,
and Avery Davis on drums, the band is a unified machine. Each musician provides
support, both in the studio and onstage, forging the multifaceted aural landscapes that
have made them one of Houston’s biggest indie bands since forming in 2007.
Their shows are famous for their theatricality, from Gutierrez’s otherworldly fashion,
which she handcrafts for her and her bandmates, to the confetti blasts and balloon
drops that make every performance into a party. While their music is rapturous and
energized, their lyrics are often more dark and melancholy. The result: lush and layered
sonic tapestries awash in crisp guitars, subtle synths, and tightly wound rhythms, woven
together with introspective lyrics that evoke a powerful emotional response.

Some artists want to shine a light in the darkness. Common Deer come with an arsenal of floodlights.

Music is a balm in anxious, isolated times. In the hands of this powerful Toronto quintet, it’s a vessel of uplift, a call for camaraderie, an act of resistance against jaded nihilism. Though not explicitly political, the lyrics of vocalists Graham McLaughlin (guitar, violin) and Sheila Hart (keyboards) reflect the zeitgeist: addressing the anxiety of the modern age, crying out for a sense of connection, driven by a sense of carpe diem that stems from personal tragedy. “Trying to create light in the darkness; it’s a mentality we share,” says Graham. They’re not blind optimists peddling escapism, though their live shows are joyous, celebratory affairs, rich with rousing, orchestral pop sound built for festival stages.

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