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Four piece indie rock band from Columbus, Ohio

Killer Cortez

KILLER CORTEZ is a progressive rock band from Boston, MA, formerly known as MONIKER. They have released four EPs: Kid Kelly (2009), Babel Racket (2011), Work in Prague (January 2012), and Ansible (November 2012).

Conundrum’s sound is rooted in the stylistic traditions of instrumental Hip-Hop, R&B, and Funk music. With up to seven instrumentalists performing at a time, the combination of individual improvisation, and musical form, creates a cohesive jam-band system that charms listeners live. It was Miles Davis’, Bitches Brew (1970), that forged the band’s focus of the individual in context to performing as a unit. Emerging from Bayonne, New Jersey, Conundrum’s horn section are Germain Brito (Trumpet), and Cole Stone-Frisina (Tenor Sax).

The rhythm section is Isaac Sanchez (Guitar), Kyosuke Nonoyama (Bass), Mike Sheelar (Keyboard), and Charles Tyler (Drums). Latin Percussionist, Eduardo Sinay, has also made live appearances with the band and has attributed his talent to our first recorded album titled, Social Music. The fans, and listeners enjoy partaking in this Conundrum experience. The musicians on stage are great friends so solid chemistry, and attentiveness to the music, is what enthralls the audience.



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