Can't Swim

Based out of Keansburg New Jersey, Can't Swim was founded by singer Chris LoPorto in the spring of 2015. After spending most of his life playing drums in various bands, Chris decided to step in to song writing. The songs were contagious from the start and grabbed the attention of his good friends Mike Sanchez, Danny Rico, and Greg McDevitt.

Before even playing their first show, the band announced their signing to Pure Noise Records in December of 2015 and released their debut EP, "Death Deserves A Name" on February 24, 2016. They spent all of 2016 touring with bands such as; Four Year Strong, Hit the Lights, Aaron West & The Roaring Twenties, Moose Blood, Boston Manor, Set Your Goals, and Valencia.

When it came time to begin recording their first full length, "Fail You Again" they called upon their own drummer Danny Rico (who produced DDAN) to engineer and produce this as well. Once the project was complete, they found that the songs required a much more full sounding live performance and their longtime friend and New Jersey native Andrea Morgan was a perfect addition to the band. Danny moved to third guitar/vocals and Andrea took his place on the drums.

Fail You Again was released on March 10th, 2017.

When I first started playing music, I started off in a few bands with friends. After a few years I started writing songs that slowly turned into my solo project. At first it wasn't anything too serious until the summer of 2014. I started playing out more and recording and doing physical releases and realized this is what I wanted to continue doing. I went into the studio to record " Glow " with Mat Kerekes of Citizen a couple of months ago and as soon as we we're finished with it I couldn't wait to get a song back. As soon as I did I sent it to Nick over at InVogue Records and thats when things started picking up. He was interested and so was I, so I shot a music video for " Shae " and went to sign my contract and here we are. " Glow " will be released on April 28th, 2015 on InVogue Records and I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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New EP "At Night" out October 28th on 6131 Records

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