Model Decoy

Model Decoy is Doron Monk Flake and Ari Sadowitz. Grounded firmly in rock with a heavy pour of R&B, the duo occupies a sonic space between Stevie Wonder and Soundgarden. Flake’s lyrics nod to his favorite characters from comics and beyond, and the band’s debut EP features narratives about Thor, Hulk, Fantastic 4, Scott Pilgrim, Kill Bill and cult television show 'Community'.

“Model Decoy underplay their ability to craft an irresistible melody…tracks like “Ciao, Knives” are hooky as fuck… album closing anthem “Scar-Spangled Banner” is like a lost dispatch from Alternative Nation.” - AFROPUNK

The nerd-driven content began as their old band, The Smyrk, was bowing out. “I had dabbled in nerdtastic compositions with ‘Dial V For Venom’ and ‘The Ballad of Fletcher Reede’” (about Spider-man and the Jim Carrey film Liar, Liar), says Flake. “But I fully realized that niche with ‘The End of Jason Todd’ and ‘Farewell to Arm,’ about Batman’s lesser known Robin and the best horror comedy ever, Evil Dead. Over Twitter, Bruce Campbell said we nailed it.”

“The transition to Model Decoy was natural,” notes Sadowitz. “I had written some things that didn’t fit the Smyrk sound, and they needed a home. So we built one.” The EP’s six songs were rounded out in the studio by longtime collaborator David Marvuglio (bass), Dan Gluszak (drums), and produced by Alex Prieto and Sadowitz.

As Model Decoy came to life, Flake was tapped as the lead in the Warner Theatre Company’s Connecticut production of Evil Dead: The Musical, bringing him not only a chainsaw for a hand but the dream chance to play iconic everyman warrior Ash Williams. He has backed Boston cohorts Bad Rabbits on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, and has been featured in several performances with the Black Rock Coalition.

After touring in Incubus bassist Ben Kenney’s band, Sadowitz joined ex-Envy on the Coast members Sal Bossio and Gluszak to form blues/rock trio Heavy English, whose debut single has been featured in film and network television. He is also a member of NYC outfit Rare Futures, along with ex-Taking Back Sunday/Atlas Genius guitarist Matt Fazzi and session musician Rich Bozek.

Sometimes the dreams of our youth are not fully realized until we embrace the reality of adulthood. We may know what we want, but we cannot will ourselves into that existence. For the members of Long Time, the journey to being the men they became involved numerous bands, jobs, and relationships, all of which transformed members Thomas John Cadrin, Colin Dinnie, and Andrew Nault in ways too numerous to count. Each success and failure helped to refine their individual worldview, and the combination of those unique perspectives has helped to create one of the most engaging and unique rock bands of the modern era.

Long Time was forged in a studio session that was never intended to be more than a one-off event. Since that time the band has worked tirelessly to craft an infectious sound that toes the line between modern rock and punk with a ferocity rarely found in artists today. With each song the New England based trio grapples with the pains of growing up and all the turmoil that such personal evolution entails without worrying about of how it will be received. Their music is their truth, and it speaks to a generation of people that fears they may be the only ones who have no idea what they’re doing. It isn’t about knowing exactly where you’re going in life, but rather being open to the boundless possibilities of the path you are on. Long Time encourage exploration in whatever form it may take and aim to provide a soundtrack for those seeking life’s next big journey.

Phat A$tronaut

Phat A$tronaut is an organically grown, experimental soul ensemble from the funkier parts of a small state called Connecticut.

The band formed shortly after singer/songwriter, Chad Browne-Springer, and guitarist/musical director, Mark Lyon, met on a D'Angelo tribute gig.

Their sound consists of booty shaking rhythms and meticulously crafted arrangements with pop sensible songwriting at the forefront.

Phat A$tronaut acknowledges many influences, including Prince, Hendrix, D'Angelo, Erykah, Anderson .Paak, Fela, Frank Ocean, Knower, Hiatus Kayote, and many more, while maintaining undeniable originality.

In just over a year of performing, Phat A$tronaut has become a high demand act on the local scene, and are starting to introduce their unique freakiness throughout the Tri-state area and New England.

Be sure to spread the word of Phat A$tronaut, and listen to our debut album 'The Fifth Dimension' which is available on all streaming services.

Paul Bryant Hudson

Paul Bryant Hudson is a Connecticut based singer-songwriter and composer.

Hailing from a family of musicians and storytellers, Paul actively channels energies from periods of cultural and creative enlightenment, fusing them with contemporary hip hop and alternative components. These cultural values are prominent in his references and tributes to African American music, literature, and folklore.

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