Bad in Bed, The Revies, 200 West, Orange Mayfield

Bad In Bed is a LA-based group consisting of Mary Kobayashi, Gary Schaaf, Jeremy Arambulo, and occasionally Sam Bird. They play music that could be described as power pop, power ballads, and 80's/90's throwback. “The Looks Department” is their first full-length album. They are currently unsigned.

The Revies started out in Monterrey, Mexico in 2007 and have been based in Los Angeles since 2015. The musical style of the band can be described as classic rock and rockabilly, with vocal harmonies fused into Latin rhythms here and there, and Zeppelin-style guitar riffs which can lead to pretty raucous and energetic performances. Recognition for the Revies' music earned them the privilege of playing in several big-time festivals in Mexico, some headlined by recognized Latino bands like Molotov, Enanitos Verdes, or Kinky, as well as other musical legends such as Def Leppard and Cypress Hill. The band's upcoming album is titled "Heartwoken LP". The Revies are: Etienne Rosas (vocals/rhythm guitar), Carlos Rosas (bass/keyboard) and James Syme (drums).

200 West is a song writing band out of Southern California. They recently have released a new full-length album called “Split Heads” that is now available on all streaming services.

Orange Mayfield

Orange Mayfield is a psychological disorder that crosses genres from the 60s and 90s then tricks the brain into thinking that it's modern music.

Orange Mayfield is a rock band from the greater Los Angeles area currently consisting of 4 members: Russ Taylor (Lead Vox/Guitar) Josh Rubin (Guitar/Vox) Tim Falco (Drums) Nick Vanneta (Bass)

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