Shing02, The Chee-Hoos, A Tribute For Nujabes

Born in Tokyo, raised in Tanzania and England, Shing02 came up in the independent SF Bay Area scene in the early '90s. Over the course of his independent career starting in 1995, he has collaborated with various DJs and musicians, most notably with the late Japanese producer Nujabes. As the inventor of the Vestax Faderboard, he toured around for a few years with the free-jazz trio, Kosmic Renaissance. Recently he has released the FTTB mixCD series with DJ Icewater and "1200 Ways" with DJ $hin. Shing02 directed four short films, including "Bustin'" (2014) and "The Divider" (2015)

The Chee-Hoos

The Chee-Hoos is an ecclectic session band which re-interprets hip-hop classics such as the Luv(sic) series that Shing02 recorded with late-producer Nujabes. Members performing in Hawaii are:
Shing02 (MC)
Nicholas Kaleikini (saxophone)
Dae Han (drums)
Alika Lyman (guitar)
Wil Tafolo (bass)
Gotaro Oshitari (keys)
Spin Master A-1 (turntables)


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