Emerging from Fort Collins, Colorado, Skydyed is a three-piece band that blends cutting edge electronic production with live instrumentation.

Featuring Andrew Slattery on bass synths and bass guitar, Max Doucette on guitar and keys, and Craig Babineau on Drums, the band integrates generations of the state’s extensive musical heritage with their own deep-seated ties to the electronic music scene.

With roots in rock, funk and jazz, Skydyed has created their own, diverse sound that intertwines organic live drums, bass and guitar through soulful jam, hard-hitting bass and profound break-beats.

With their unique and advanced production, Skydyed has established itself as a can't miss performance that bridges the gap between EDM and live music.

Sunn Rays

Born and raised in the city of Phoenix, AZ.. Dylan Gunn (Sunn Rays)..Moved to Summit County Colorado at the age of 21 (2012) to begin his career path with a friend as "Transfer Station". Traveling and performing through CO, AZ, and CA..Transfer Station started performing with artists like TURKUAZ, SUNSQUABI, MARTY PARTY, SO DOWN, MUZZY BEAR,UNLIMITED ASPECT,VIBE STREET and festivals such as Fire Fly Gatherings in 15' and the UNTZ 16'.. Soon after, both artists began separate projects, developing and reaching the inner most, in what they creatively saw as musicians/artists individually. "SUNN RAYS".. is an Instrumental form of song writing with an Electronic/Hip Hop or Trip Hop aspect. Dylan is a self taught Guitar player. His styles range various genres through his production, and his songs are mainly directed by his guitar layering. You can expect an experience unlike most.. with heart felt, soulfull song wrtiting, and rehearsed/improv guitar performance.. Sunn Rays is blending multiple genres to curate something of his own.

Two musicians who aim to express a human experience that is the result of isolation from and exposure to a hostile and wondrous world.

$7.00 - $10.00

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