The Beirds EP Release Party!

The Beirds

Our music flows and soars and has a ton of loud, body vibration-inducing, weird, provocative undulations that push the listener back on their heels.” The Beirds create songs collaboratively and with an open mind to ideas all around. This leads to creating music that isn't tied tightly to one particular style while still maintaining a cohesive sound. The Beirds have a unique mixture of funk, rock, electronica, and jazz that permeates their music.
The band draws upon a wide range of musical interests and influences. Some members come from a classic rock background, one has Bluegrass experience, while another has deep ties to electronic music like drum’n’bass. This broad array of influences and a deep commitment to improvisation is what sets The Beirds apart and ensures that every show they perform is unique and engaging, keeping even the most die-hard fans delightfully surprised. The Beirds show up with their own lighting rig and in that way create a unique experience and a one-of-a-kind show.

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