State & Water - "Spring String" to benefit WTVP

99.9 WWCT invites you to help support WTVP by enjoying four great bands at the brand new Monarch Music Hall. All veterans of the State & Water stage, PhanieRae & The Soul Shakers, Chicago Farmer, Woodland Remedy and The Deep Hollow will be performing to benefit WTVP, your public television station and home of State & Water. Preferred seating - $35, general seating - $25. Doors will open at 6pm. Music starts at 7 pm.

Phanie Rae & The Soul Shakers

Founded around Lead Singer Stephanie Takata (PhanieRae), PhanieRae & The Soul Shakers bring a mix of the Blues, Rock, Soul, & Funk music. Founded in 2015 by manager Jason Tibbs and Singer Stephanie Takata the group has grown into a local success, filling bar rooms, outdoor venues, and local event halls. Singer, Stephanie Takata was born and raised in central Illinois. When she was in high school she found her love for arts and music. She has been well know in the fine arts scene in Peoria, IL for many years. She is also known for her soul twisting renditions of The National Anthem, performing them for many local sports teams, Civic Center events, and music festivals. Guitarist’s Alex Sams & Dusty Cawley were both born and raised in a small town in central Illinois, Eureka. Although they did not grow up playing together, it didn’t take long to fid a common ground onstage. During the 90’s Cawley was playing in band covering Classic Rock and at the time up and coming Grunge. Sams started playing at the age of 14. Known to be seen walking the streets of Eureka with his guitar strapped across him. Sams new then he would be playing music the rest of his life. Both Sams & Cawley bring a different style to PhanieRae & The Soul Shakers. Bassist Bisente Gama brings a funk style thunder to the band. Bisente has 40 years of experience playing in many local bands throughout the years. Best know for his bands The Gama Brothers Band and Good To Go Band. Drummer Jake Alt is fresh of the press. This 20 year old comes from a long line of family with musical talent. This is Alt’s first organized project after high school. He brings a solid rhythm and sweet rolls to the band, his style comes from a mixture of Carter Beauford(DMB), Travis Barker(Blink-182), and his father Jayson Alt. Together PhanieRae & The Soul Shakers have a unique family relationship and bring that to the stage to connect with their fans.

Chicago Farmer

BLOOMINGTON, IL -- Chicago Farmer, the moniker Bloomington, Illinois’ Cody Diekhoff performs and writes under, is set to independently release his 7th album, Midwest Side Stories, on September 30, 2016. Midwest Side Stories is about hope, depression, job loss, meth, skateboards, a divided nation, used cars, the late shift, farms, factories, the destruction of our environment, and still being around to sing about it. The new release contains ten tracks all of which were written by Diekhoff (pronounced dee-cough), with the exception of the John Hartford classic “I'm Still Here.”

Folk hero Todd Snider says, "I love Chicago Farmer's singing and playing and songs, but it's the intention behind the whole of his work that moves me to consider him the genuine heir to Arlo Guthrie or Ramblin' Jack Elliott. He knows the shell game that goes on under folk music… which is sacred to me. Chicago Farmer is my brother; if you like me, you'll love him."

Lyrically driven, Chicago Farmer delves into the social and political issues of today’s world, taking it all in and putting it back out through music as a commentary on modern times in the Midwest. With his unfeigned and relatable approach, Chicago Farmer has earned a place in the heart of this generation’s rise of protest songs. He composes music written and sung by and for the working man, the "regular person", bringing to mind modern day folk tales.

“I arrived here, kicking and screaming the day that I took the stage, I went searching for some kind of meaning, like words looking for a page. Came up empty and full of worry that nothing could cover the pain, then these songs and stories began unfolding like an umbrella in the rain.” This is the opening stanza to the first song “Umbrella”, a song that speaks of the power of music in people’s lives and is dedicated to songwriters everywhere, including many of whom we've lost in 2016.

With heartfelt observations of the world around him, Chicago Farmer has been around the folk scene for a while now singing the stories he has written along the way, aiming to capture the essence of the human condition and putting it all on display. He has gotten to know a variety of players over the years and brought together a wonderful cast of musicians to perform on the album. Diekhoff co-produced Midwest Side Stories, with engineer Chris Harden at I.V. Labs Studios in Chicago, Illinois. Harden also played Glockenspiel and harmonized vocals on select tracks. Others on the album include vocalist and guitarist Ernie Hendrickson, drummer Darren Garvey, vocalist Heather Horton, and a handful of other Midwestern mainstays.

Cody has his finger on the pulse of middle America. Coming from a long line of family farmers and factory workers in central Illinois and growing up in a rural farming community has inspired many songs that are autobiographical in nature. Farms & Factories” is a workgrass song featuring fiddle, tempo changes, and the farming side of Chicago Farmer. In 2002 he moved up north to the big city where he came up with the name Chicago Farmer for what was initially intended to be a band, but ended up keeping the name for himself and started writing and recording albums. Eventually he moved back in 2008 to central Illinois where he makes his home in Bloomington. The Midwest is where he was born and raised. It’s where he first started to write poetry and where he would eventually set those words into motion with his guitar.

With Midwest Side Stories Chicago Farmer builds an adventurous narrative that brings issues to the front burner with folk/protest songs. “Two Sides of the Story” is an acoustically portrayed glimpse of the evolving division in the United States. It takes aim at the media, politics, and religion's role in that division. “There’s two sides to every story, there’s two sides to every town, the side of town that tells the story. The side where the story went down.”

An upbeat electric working class protest song, “Revolving Door,” describes manufacturing job loss in the Midwest with howling vocals, a driving beat, and ripping harmonica. “My home state of Illinois continues to have the highest unemployment rate in the region, and manufacturing jobs continue to disappear.” Cody says, ”Politicians who work the current system to benefit themselves and their constituencies have sold out these industries and workers. While the CEO's of these companies hand out pink slips to their workforce, they continue to hand themselves bonuses.”

“9pm to 5” examines the plight of the working American and pays tribute to those with unconventional work hours. At other times Chicago Farmer goes tongue-in-cheek with “Skateboard Song” which takes listeners on a ride with this folk story song, questioning our laws and priorities.

Midwest Side Stories is a follow up to 2013’s Backenforth, IL which rose to #33 on the Americana Charts as well as top #10 on several folk charts. Honest Tune wrote of it, "You can smell the dirt in the fields, hear the wind as it blows across the plains, and see the people that Chicago Farmer sings about. Each track captures a moment in time, whether for a person or a particular place. Imagine if a John Steinbeck short story had been written as a song, and this will give you a fairly good idea as to what Chicago Farmer accomplishes on his albums."

Chicago Farmer is ready to kick down some more doors and put something new in as many ears, hands, living rooms, and car stereos as possible. Midwest Side Stories is available now on pre-order on Kickstarter through September 11th and folks that donate will receive it at their doorstep several weeks before the official release. “We’ve set our goal at $20… because we love you.” Cody says, “My last album has a song called The Twenty Dollar Bill. It's easily one of my top 3 requested songs, I especially love that it's requested by people of all ages. It's a story song inspired my grandparents and I've been told has moved a lot of people. We put a lot of heart, soul, sweat, tears, and even some blood into making this album. While the basics are covered, we still have a large hill to climb and any support that you can offer is greatly appreciated”

Midwest Side Stories captures everything that Chicago Farmer is capable of as a performer, songwriter and story teller. He draws you in with the emotion in his voice and holds you captive with the lyrical pictures he paints about the real struggle the common man is up against.

Woodland Remedy

Starting out as a 3 piece guitar, banjo, and bass trio in 2014, this ragtag group of pickers quickly sparked interest and has since added the bright sounds of fiddle and dobro to the mix. Blending bluegrass, roots, folk, and original songwriting, Woodland Remedy puts out a sound that's fresh and original with a foot stomping feel. Soaring harmonies backed by wood-splintering picking, they have been busy blazing a trail through the Midwest music scene. With a debut album released and a second on the way in early 2017, Woodland Remedy is looking forward to an amazing future. The crew is from the woods and music is the remedy.

The Deep Hollow

Since the inception of this harmony-driven, original music acoustic trio of Micah Walk, Elizabeth Eckert and Dave Littrell, the attraction between audience and act was obvious and powerful. Beginning with a win in the American Songwriter magazine songwriting contest in 2014 for their song “Devil” to their moving self-titled album that reached number three on the Folk DJ charts in early 2016, the terrific threesome continues to move forward with their music and deeper into the hearts of their fans.

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