In a modest suburban neighborhood lives Marc and Karla Jones. A married couple who’s fallen on the settled comfortability of married life and are no longer attentive to the needs of the other. As Karla seeks to get more out of her marriage, she stumbles upon the eye of the smooth sexy hired help. Blinded by being comfortable and the repetition of married life, Marc is blindsided by his lack! What Your Man Won’t Do is a ride of drama and laughs that will hold you tight, stir you up and reveal how love can fail when distracted, but conquers all in the end!

Vernon Williams III is an Playwright, Producer, Director and now Author extraordinaire.  Driven by his credo, “Don’t wait, create!” Vernon’s faith, grit, and passion for the Arts fuel the creativity that puts his genius in demand.  As Founder and CEO of The Williams Entertainment Group, LLC, his mission is to create innovative and relevant productions that embody timeless theatrical style and character.  Whether he is on stage or in the Director’s seat, Vernon is undoubtedly in his element.  And it is this element of purpose and destiny that captivates, encourages and inspires audiences across the nation.

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