Gifted with DIY production skills, and a soothing sultry voice that’s textured as if sung from within a deep cave, CIFIKA composes music that evokes a futuristic dimension and otherworldly sound. Her unique blend of ethereal sonics and deep beats has propelled her from South Korea’s underground scene and set her apart as one of the “new wave kids thriving outside of the K-Pop Machine” (VICE).

Taking her name from the street PACIFIKA that she used to pass when she lived in Northern California for ten years before moving back to South Korea in 2016, CIFIKA's nickname may have started out as a joke amongst friends but in no time, she has quickly transformed it into a shorthand for what’s next on the global pop scene.

Pushing the boundaries of pop and electronic music, CIFIKA is resolutely committed to musical experimentation as she gears up for her first ever US Tour featuring her new EP 'PRISM'. This massive tour will coincide with the EP’s release and marks the largest ever tour for a Korean artist in North America with over 20 cities confirmed so far including SXSW. Additional dates will be announced for March and April. An ambitious undertaking for CIFIKA, not only is she playing in major markets such as NY, LA, Chicago and Atlanta, but she is also taking her radiant diaphanous performances into secondary markets such as Kansas City, Columbia, Grand Rapids and Cincinnati.

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