Rogue Wave performs Asleep at Heaven's Gate

Rogue Wave are excited to announce the 10th anniversary re-issue of their seminal album ‘Asleep at Heaven’s Gate’ and will be on a national tour in spring to play the album in full as well as other favorites. The limited edition 2xLP reissue will be fully remastered and will feature 4 rare or unreleased tracks, including a version of the Beatles’ “All You Need is Love”.

Business Of Dreams

Corey Cunningham is Business Of Dreams. Born in Nashville and raised in the rural counties surrounding it, Cunningham took the first Greyhound out of town at age 19. He soon arrived in California with nothing but clothes and a discman. After spending the small amount off money he had on cheap motels, he stumbled into a job at a natural foods store where he met his future bandmates in Magic Bullets and Terry Malts. He also moved into a storage space for a couple of years before saving enough money to join the landed gentry and their windowed walls.

The next 15 years Cunningham spent writing and touring in Magic Bullets and later Terry Malts.

In 2015, Cunningham’s father passed away leading to a therapeutic run of songs and recordings that culminated with the self-released 2017 debut album, Business Of Dreams. A tour of the United States followed that spring and the album was reissued on vinyl through Spain’s Kocliko Records in the summer.

At the end of the year, Business Of Dreams landed at #21 on Bandcamp’s Top 100 Albums Of 2017, on Nerdist’s Top 25 Underground Albums Of 2017, and on Raven Sings The Blues Best Albums Of 2017.

The artist has been compared to Field Mice, New Order, M83, Deerhunter, and DIIV (although he has not personally heard the latter three).

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