Del Sur

Del Sur

Five-piece band from SC that is developing chronic health issues in real-time thru a regular pattern of Bojangles™ consumption.


Serena Scalzi, rhythm/lead/vox of Americanadian, began to write her own dreamy type music under the moniker Americanadian back in 2015. She would release her originals through Bandcamp and nothing else to it. Later, Serena wanted to hear her music in a full-fledged band. She gathered up some friends she's known for a while and ones that she has just met. Nina Fuchs, drummer of Americanadian has known Serena since back in 2014. Serena knew Nina would be a perfect fit for this band since they've known each other long enough. Once they played together they wanted to get more people in on this fantastic music making. Jeff Weingarten, rhythm/lead/vox of Americanadian joined, Michael Algarra, bassist of Americanadian and Abby Woodcock, keys of Americanadian. Fully becoming a band in 2017, Americanadian continues their journey till this day.

Port Lucian

Port Lucian is the psychedelic pop alter ego of multi-instrumentalist Portia Maidment. She ventured into independent record production in 2016, after being in multiple bands that part ways.

In April of 2017, production began for the EP Sun, which was written, recorded and mixed from beginning to end in Maidment's basement and mastered by Jeff Chestek. The EP drew inspiration from modern synth pop as well as borrowing psychedelic motifs.

Professor Cavemen

Dreamy? Surfy? Psychedelic? Latin? Explosion?

Chubby Bunny

Short and sweet indie tunes from the solo act branching off of her full band Space Cadette. FFO cute lil’ riffs and emotional vulnerability

$8.00 - $12.00


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