Precious Things

Precious Things

Philanthrotease Presents Precious Things: a Burlesque Tribute to Tori Amos and Virtuoso Babes of the Nineties Benefiting RAINN​. ​Bringing over-the-top and dramatic tributes will be a strong antidote to the saccharine commercial Valentine's holiday a few days prior. Think self love, empowerment, unnerving confidence, and more than a little "[Don't] Fuck the Patriarchy".
The Evening's Emcee will be Short Staxx!​ 5​0% of NET ticket sales will be donated to RAINN

Bella La Blanc
Caza Blanca
Delilah Dentata
Evilyn Vice
Isabelle Epoque
Jezabelle von Jane
Miss Mary Cyn
Short Staxx

$15.00 - $25.00


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