Ed Schrader's Music Beat

Ed Schrader's Music Beat

Ed Schrader's Music Beat are proud to release their new album, Riddles, on Carpark Records this spring. In search of a fresh direction, Ed and Devlin invited their close friend Dan Deacon to help them realize their dream of a fuller, layered sound as the album’s producer, arranger, and co-writer.

Working steadily in Dan’s studio for two years in total collaboration, three evolving musicians pushed through an intense period of personal tumult and found purpose in the sounds they were committing to record. The result: a polished and passionate masterpiece of nuanced alt-rock. From driving opening track “Dunce” and the soaring single “Riddles” to the disarmingly gorgeous closer “Culebra,” Ed and Devlin unapologetically channel a personal pantheon of pop and rock gods while growing into the band—and people—they’d previously kept caged inside.

Brother JT

Got started in 1987 with garage/pop ravers the Original Sins. Morphed into the more psychedelic-minded Brother JT in the early '90's. Put out albums on Twisted Village, Siltbreeze, Drunken Fish, Drag City, and Birdman. Toured with Bardo Pond, Bevis Frond, Royal Trux, Make Up, Blonde Redhead, Smog, et al. Enjoys kettle chips. Available to mess up your occasion for a nominal fee. less

You stand before a stage illuminated with mysterious green light. A
painted backdrop depicting gnarled and thorny trees dominates the
center. Scavenged wooden fencing, hammered together with rusty nails
into jagged arrangements, stands on either side. Rotting wood and
filthy rags are scattered across the floor. You hear a distant horn,
and turn to see a parade of shadowy figures and monstrous beasts
marching out of the darkness toward the stage. No guitars, just words,
lurching bass lines, and the thunder of drums. This is Evil Sword.


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