Minimalist drumming, detuned octave fuzz guitar, acid loops, duckcalls, flutes, and a nut job mumbling street trash mantras from Kent, Oh.

FKA Andy Powder.

When Particles Collide

Sasha and Chris met in Bangor Maine during a 2010 local production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Sasha was cast as a guitar playing Yitzhak and Chris played Schlatko, the band's drummer. Six months later the two were a band, and three years later the band became a marriage.

Since forming in 2010, When Particles Collide has self-released five sets of recordings: a six song demo, a four song EP, a ten song full length, a five song EP and a nine song full length. Their most recent recording, Photoelectric (June 2014) was released both digitally, on CD and on special limited edition pink vinyl.

Sasha and Chris tour the US extensively and during 2012, 2013 and 2014 averaged between 70-95 shows per year. During the summer of 2014 they completed a marathon 8 week, coast to coast tour of the entire US. All of their booking and promoting, like their recordings are 100% D.I.Y. keeping the American spirit of self-reliance, tenacity and resourcefulness alive and well.

The music of When Particles Collide includes Southern Rock choruses, New Wave a la Blondie vocals, lightning speed Green Day-esque drumming, classic Motown grooves and Queens of the Stone Age-style riffs -- and yet somehow it all sounds like Chris and Sasha.

When listening to ALBUM one cannot help but feel as though death stared them in the face and they some how managed to laugh. When one sees ALBUM it is as though rock n roll became personified in three living beings for the next half hour. Through eight songs you will have tamed a wolf, battled eagles and conquered the world.

ALBUM songs are as much songs as incantations intended to ward demons and turn desk-jockeys into warriors. With an electric arsenal of Holier-than-thou hard rock riffs, heads will bang and fists will pump. Pop-tinged melodies and sluggish heavy progressions will follow you for days.

Maid Myriad

Progressive/Melodic Post-Hardcore from Akron, OH.



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