Katy Guillen & The Girls, The Black Moods, Justice Adams Band

Katy Guillen & The Girls

Katy Guillen and The Girls is a roots rock trio from Kansas City, MO.

The Black Moods are a 3-piece rock outfit hailing from Tempe, Arizona, by way of the Missouri Ozarks. Comprised of Josh Kennedy (lead guitarist/vocalist), Jordan Hoffman (bassist), and Danny "Chico" Diaz (drums), the trio blends various Rock & Roll styles that span from the past 4 decades to form their own signature sound that resembles what would be the musical offspring of Bad Company and the Foo Fighters. This band is bringing a new level of heat out of the Sonora desert led by one of the most electric front men/guitarists in music today. The Black Moods bring what rock music has been missing for some time - PURE, EFFORTLESS TALENT. The band's self-titled debut album is packed with a healthy dose of guitar driven power houses such as "Can't Sleep at Night" & "Like A Wave," to compelling sing-along anthems like "Hey You" & "Don't Let Them Get You Down." Their live shows are filled with high energy, infectious guitar solos and attitude that can keep the crowds' attention for hours. Having received acclaimed praise from fans and critics alike as equal parts natural talent and live performance superstars, the group delivers powerful guitar riffs, melodic bass and drum beats that make your heart pound like a kick drum. Fresh out of the studio with producers Kenny Carkeet (AWOLNATION) and Jim Kaufman (Helmet, Opiate for the Masses), The Black Moods have been touring since their debut album was released in April 2012. Don't miss your chance to see this band live and get your own personal glimpse of rock & roll history in the making.

Justice Adams Band

Justice Adams Band has been actively playing music in and around the Springfield, MO area for a little less than a year. Blending country pop sensibility with a slight rock edge keeps the band just left of center from what most listeners hear every day. It's a fresh, energetic take on what a rock band may sound like and what a country band may look like. Even as a young act Justice Adams Band have been invited to play some of Springfield's most prestigious and popular events such as The Mystery Hour, DoGood, and Imagine: a Tribute to John Lennon. The band has also enjoyed playing with regional/national favorites such as The Black Moods, Randall Shreve and the Sideshow, and Onward, etc.



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