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3-piece powerhouse Vibe & Direct is an ever-evolving musical fusion, landing somewhere on the spectrum between rock, dance and electronic music. The trio performs with a rhythmic pulse, known for their dynamic dance parties and smiling faces. The boys released their debut EP – Psychadelevator - in 2013, followed by their second EP - Lavish Peasant - in October of 2015. They released their first full-length album - Chrysanthemum - in February of 2017.

With a sound that is driven by their primitive bond, the boys spend most of their time deep in jam, and touring the US in the salmon can. Consistently traveling throughout the Northeast, Midwest, East Coast, and Southeast, Vibe has made stops at festivals like Rootwire, Mad Tea Party Jam, Domefest, and the Werkout. Living lucky enough to spread their sounds near and far, the trio chases everyday with their eyes on he horizon.

Progressive and fresh, EGi pushes the boundaries of genre specifics to create a soundscape reflecting the freedom that gives purpose to the acronym’s definition: Ethereal Groove, Incorporated. With a sound that has been described as, “what it would feel like to live in The Never Ending Story”, the band’s versatility and appreciation for many genres of music can be heard in their fusion of rock, funk, instrumental post-rock and hard, progressive rock. Starting from tightly arranged structures, EGi builds improvisational passages and high energy jams that seek to lift the band and audience to a higher plane.

Hailing from the northwest suburbs of Chicago, the band dually claims its roots in the city proper as they have grown to encompass the region as a jam fan favorite. EGi. is comprised of a classic rock style, string and drums 5 piece including Noe Perez and James Hernandez sharing lead roles on guitar, Allan Borukhovich on bass guitar, Devon Bates on drums, and Michael (Gonzo) Gonzalez on percussion. The band maintains their appealing dynamic with a relationship amongst each other that bonds them as brothers in arms both on and off the stage.

Infectiously danceable and experimentally funky, EGi.'s young and original approach pushes the limits of improvisation and energy rich concert events. Fusing everyone's favorite heights of funk, rock, and instrumental post-rock, they display a great versatility and stupendous appreciation for multi-genres both on stage and amongst their audience. EGi. defines their own sound through shameless development trials of all sounds.

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