MAST “Thelonious Sphere Monk” album release party!

A Philadelphia native now residing in Los Angeles, Tim Conley is a jazz musician, composer, producer and electronic musician. His solo electronic project MAST draws together different sonic elements and channels them out through intense live performances. With a composers mind and a jazz musicians desire for exploring new improvisational realms, MAST incorporates crushing beats, live guitar and keyboards and has journeyed throughout the US, Canada, Europe and Japan.

On Jan 26th 2018 MAST will release his 3rd LP “Thelonious Sphere Monk”, a cosmic journey reinterpreting the great Thelonious Monk Song Book in celebration of his 100th birthday. The 16 track LP features a diverse cast of extraordinary musicians including Chris Speed, Brian Marsella, Makaya McCraven, Jason Fraticelli, Dan Rosenboom and more. Each contributing instrumental virtuosity which these Thelonious Monk compositions demand. Tim pays homage to the significant history of Thelonious Monk and his esteemed compositions while bringing them into the future using modern electronic bleeps, bloops and beats in concert with the Low End Theory, Los Angeles Beat culture Conley is a part of. Harmonious with the mystical and metaphysical hand painted cover art by Japanese artist Tokio Aoyama, each track created is a unique world unto itself and the listener travels from one musical planet to the next on the spaceship Monk.

The 2nd MAST album "Love and War_" was released Oct 2016 via Alpha Pup Records. "Love and War_" is a conceptual album set up as a 3 Act play structure and features Taylor McFerrin, Tim Lefebvre, Makaya McCraven, the Fresh Cut Orchestra, Andrée Belle and more. Other notable MAST albums include the 2014 debut “Omni” featuring soul-navigating vocal gestures of Anna Wise (Sonnymoon, Kendrick Lamar), way-out raps from Brainfeeder/Warp's Jeremiah Jae and lullaby serenades from Low Leaf. Two conceptual EP’s “Omniverse; Verse 1” and Omniverse; Verse 2" soon followed "Omni" all via Alpha Pup Records.

Recently Tim was awarded a Jazz Residency Grant from the Kimmel Center (home of the Philadelphia Orchestra) to commission a new work along with three other composers. The 4 movement piece titled "Life Mosaic: reflections on Birth, Adolescence, Maturity and Death" was an electronic/classical/jazz hybrid performed by Tim with the Fresh Cut Orchestra, an 11 piece Jazz Orchestra and debuted June 2014. Since then the Fresh Cut Orchestra has released 2 albums on Ropeadope Records, featuring Tim on guitar and electronics, and garnering 4 Stars from Downbeat.

Tim has performed at the world famous Low End Theory in LA, the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, Lincoln Center in New York City and has had music featured on Mary Anne Hobbs BBC, Gilles Peterson BBC Radio and Nosey Apple Beats 1. He has also performed at Festivals like the Halifax Jazz Festival in Nova Scotia, Gilles Peterson’s World Wide Showcase in Tokyo and The Disco Biscuits Camp Bisco in upstate New York. Along his journey Tim has performed with Jose James, Mark Guiliana, Taylor McFerrin, Tim Lefebvre, Makaya McCraven and shared the stage w/ the Flaming Lips, Mew, Teebs, Mono/poly, Samiyam, Ras G, and Daedelus etc…

Free The Robots

Chris Alfaro is Free the Robots; the musician, beat maker/ DJ, known for his ability to jump in and out of other worlds, creating a unique signature sound that hints at electronic, hip hop, jazz and psych, while remaining un-genre-fiable. His free flowing imagination, and tendency to go out of bounds keeps his productions and DJ sets constantly moving forward; away from robotic monotony, ultimately freeing the robots. Based out of Los Angeles, CA, Alfaro has spent over a decade taking his craft to audiences around the globe. He is known as one of the pioneering artists to come out of LA's beat movement, and continues on building his line up of original recordings in unpredictable directions. The energy and technical skill behind his live performances have landed him a place among the greats, sharing stages with the likes of Flying Lotus, DJ Shadow, DJ Krush and Afrika Bambaataa.

More recently he has put focus on an array of different projects ranging from classic-future Rap with Opio (Hieroglyphics/ Souls of Mischief), to the recent instrumental beat experiment, Karavan with Lefto (Studio Brussels). Aside from his original productions he’s constantly in the crates, digging deep for his DJ sets, while controlling crowds on every level world wide. As an avid global wanderer, Alfaro constantly challenges himself drawing inspiration from everything in his path. Whether he focuses on the collection or the creation of music, he is naturally evolving with the freedom to do so. There is no telling what the Robots will do next.

The Jonah Levine Collective

Jonah Levine is a trombonist/pianist/composer/arranger from
Berkeley, CA residing in Los Angeles. He has performed at leading jazz festivals worldwide including the Montreux Jazz Festival in
Switzerland and the Monterey Jazz Festival in California, the West
Philippines Sea Jazz and Blues Festival, and venues throughout France, Germany, Italy, the Balkans, Mexico, India, and South America. He has studied with Kenny Burrell, James Newton, James Miller, George Bohanon, Robin Eubanks, Steve Turre, Hal Crook, Andre Hayward, Wayne Wallace, and has worked with Leonard Cohen, The Game, Ed Sheeran, Anderson .Paak, Nx Worries, MNDSGN, Iman Omari, Ryan Leslie, Bennie Maupin, George Watsky, and Shafiq Husayn among many others.

In 2014, Levine graduated from UCLA’s ethnomusicology jazz composition program. He then accepted a position as music teacher at Fusion Academy Miracle Mile where he currently teaches music production, music theory, and private instrument lessons. Outside of teaching privately and at Fusion he produces, composes, records, performs, and tours regularly. He is a founding member or Los Angeles-based bands Aditya Prakash Ensemble, LNJO, the Katalyst, and leads his own 6-piece group the Jonah Levine Collective. His debut record is set to be released early 2016 and features Aditya Prakash, Iman Omari, and MNDSGN.

Elusive is a hip hop and electronic producer from Los Angeles and is now associated with Alpha Pup Records and Dome Of Doom Records. From Hollywood and Koreatown to Silverlake and Venice Beach, he's called many locations in LA home. There's no questioning how much those different environments have shaped his eclectic and wide ranging identity as a musician and producer. Elusive's been releasing music for almost 20 years, dropping instrumental experimental beats well before many prominent names around the globe. In the first phases of his career and particularly his '90s and 2000s content, he was mainly working on underground hip hop. The tides have changed in recent years and now the 2010s see a shift towards a more jazzy and electronic feel. The origins of his roots bleed through with bristling layers of texture and crackling, loosely structured drums.



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