Over the past decade Toronto artist Sarah Cripps has become known for her strong base in Roots music, developing an intensity and grit that has been honed through extensive performing. Through her debut album Change (2012) and five years of touring Canada, Sarah has refined her art and matured her sound, leading to her current collaboration with producer Dean Drouillard. Her sophomore album, Sarah Cripps (2018), presents a rich, dark tapestry, exploring new genres and influences. Though Sarah identifies this new work as Alternative, she continues to draw heavily on her Roots background.
While navigating the new direction of her music, Sarah found herself inspired by her love of cult cinema and classic film. Not only did this impact her sound, but also inspired a new passion to produce otherworldly creations with special effects makeup. Sarah brings to life elegant and grotesque characters that are featured throughout her photography, album art and videos.
With the upcoming self-titled release, Sarah combines her beautifully haunting vocals and alluring lyrics with dark imagery to create a package that draws curiosity from the depths of all listeners. Fans had a taste of her new sound with the lead single ‘Leave Behind’ release summer 2017.

The Surfrajettes

Psychedelic instro surf band from Toronto, Ontario

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