Foreigner Unauthorized

Michael Gaeta (Lead Vocals)
Max De Vivo (Guitar,Vocals)
Rik Willmitch (Guitar, Synth, Sax, vocals) )
Phil Bowman (Bass)
Soren Harvey (Drums)
Lamar Leathers (Keyboards-Vocals)
FOREIGNER UNAUTHORIZED was formed in early 2012 in Fresno California after a chance meeting between guitarist De Vivo and bassist Belt. Since its inception, FOREIGNER UNAUTHORIZED has quickly created a large, loyal, and growing fan base in the California music scene garnering buzz for their ability to reproduce to perfection the sounds of the phenomenal band Foreigner. Foreigner helped shaped Rock music in the 70’s and 80’s with captivating high-energy live performances.
FOREIGNER UNAUTHORIZED is one of the top Foreigner tribute bands in the U.S delivering incredible vocals, incredible sound and an incredible show. Each musician is committed to providing as true a sound to the original Foreigner band as possible, and the result is an experience that takes listeners back to times they cherish, while introducing a new generation to music they can love. FOREIGNER UNAUTHORIZED talents and commitment to perfection delivers music that is technically perfect, soulful and memorable. In the end, what separates good bands from great bands is passion. The six musicians of FOREIGNER UNAUTHORIZED have always been passionate about music, each took a different path in developing their talents and arriving at where they are today and like great tribute bands are dedicated to the music of the band they are covering. There’s lots of self-reflection and a continual dedication to the music. The work of band in covering the Foreigner songbook is in itself a tribute to the music and a commitment to listeners to have a fantastic experience hearing the group. FOREIGNER UNAUTHORIZED delivers in music in vocals, showmanship and especially in passion.
A FOREIGNER UNAUTHORIZED show is filled with energy and soul, whether it’s the driving beat of “Hot Blooded” or the tender ballad “I want to know what love is.” Lots of audience dancing and singing-along is standard fare at any of our shows. The FOREIGNER UNAUTHORIZED experience is excellent for everyone. Those who book us appreciate our professionalism and promptness, and those who attend our concerts savor memories and appreciate the music of Foreigner all over again.

FOREIGNER UNAUTHORIZED, Foreigner Tribute Band is a salute to Foreigner's music and it's a tribute show that recreates the sights and sound of the band FOREIGNER and they are "NOT" affiliated to the band FOREIGNER.
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A Tribute to Robin Trower

From the time he was only 13 years old guitarist/ vocalist Tony Craig has been playing songs from the classic Robin Trower albums from the 70s. Having experienced the band live in its heyday was a life changing experience for the young guitarist. The power and soulfulness of Trower’s music made a lasting impression on him and his playing.

Now with years of live experience and the two best musicians he has ever worked with he looks forward to sharing the music of Robin Trower with live audiences with this tribute, “Spellbound”

“After many years and many recording and live projects I can honestly say that this is the greatest most important thing I have ever done in music.” - Tony Craig

I saw Robin Trower for the first time when I was a senior in high school 1979/80. My best friend and I had tickets to see Robin at the Warnor’s Theater in Fresno, CA. They were touring on Victims of the Fury and we had purchased the cassette tape from Tower Records about a month prior. We listened to it non-stop so when the day of the show arrived we were both pretty excited. We got out of school around 2:40 that afternoon and drove straight to the theater so we could get a good spot in line. When we got there, there were 4 or 5 people sitting in front of the door and we parked ourselves right behind them and waited about four hours before the doors opened. By that time, the line of people wrapped around the corner of the building and way down the street. It was general admission, so when the doors opened we quickly ran down to the front to get seats. The first three or four rows were roped off for “VIP’s” so we sat in about the 5th row, center stage. As closely as I can recall, when the lights went down and they had been announced, the band lit into Day of the Eagle! The sound was amazing! Till this day I tell people I felt like the Maxell tape guy in the chair. Not all of you might get that reference, but it was very powerful. I became a life-long fan of Trower that night. Playing this music is an honor for me…I hope you like it as much as I do! Thanks! - Dennis Moebes

I was in the Navy stationed in Norfolk, VA in 1976 when the “Robin Trower Live” album came out. I played that record until it was translucent. Then, when I heard they were coming to the Norfolk Scope, I bought my tickets right away. It was one of the most transcendent concert experiences I’ve ever had, before or since. I’ve seen Robin a couple of times in the years following and he is always amazing. When I was approached to be involved in this project and follow in the steps of the great James Dewar, I accepted without hesitation. Though this has been an incredibly challenging project, it has also been instantly gratifying and fulfilling. The three of us are united in our desire to bring a deeply satisfying and heart-felt experience to our audience, borne of our love for this unique and extremely talented artist, the inimitable Robin Trower. - Don Ramirez

$10.00 - $12.00


Tickets available at the door

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