Lucky Chops

Lucky Chops

"I've had people come up to me after shows and tell me that they have never danced in public before, but they couldn't help
themselves at our show,” says saxophonist and bass clarinetist Daro Behroozi of Lucky Chops, an explosive NYC-based
brass/woodwind/drums five-piece live juggernaut of a band.  Formed initially over 10 years ago as a group of New York City high
school kids united by their love of music, their dynamic and infectious energy has already begun to translate to millions of fans around
the world who have discovered the band through their wildly popular videos, a vibrant social media following or at one of their sold
out headline shows or festival appearances across Europe, North and South America. From subways to tour buses, the music of the
Lucky Chops has traveled to audiences of all backgrounds, carrying with it an infectious energy that inspires even the uninitiated to
break out into song and dance.
Trombonist Josh Holcomb, sousaphonist Raphael Buyo, and saxophonist and bass clarinetist Daro Behroozi began playing together
as teenagers at the renowned LaGuardia High School of Music and Performing Arts in New York City where they were exposed to a
wide range of musical sounds, playing and performance opportunities, and encouragement from teachers. Driven by a love for making
music with one another they started playing together outside of class adapting the pop and rock music that they knew and loved into
modern brass band tunes and performing them live in parks and parades around NYC. "Growing up in New York, we were all
exposed to so many different cultures and music and people, and that uniquely New York experience really defines our band,”
explains Holcomb. "Our music is inclusive of such a diverse range of experiences, and we invite all people to share in the
magic.” Adding rising stars in trumpeter Joshua Gawel and drummer Charles Sams IV to round out their fresh emerging sound and
line-up, the band began to broaden and define their sound even more incorporating an expanding range of sounds and stylistic
influences in their music. Armed with the belief that positive music can change the world, Lucky Chops set out on their mission to
spread healing energy and compassionate intention through their music. The intensity of the band’s energy is fueled by their love for
making music together and their desire to inspire others. 
As the story of their unique sound began to germinate, Lucky Chops joined the Music Under New York program, performing in
subway stations in 2014 throughout the city, and grew their audience by word of mouth through their highly energetic and dynamic
live and spirited performances. "Playing in the subway gave us the chance to perform for thousands of people each day,” Holcomb
explains. “We were down there trying to spread joy and positivity in a place that can be very dark and stressful, and as we observed
people's reactions we really started to figure out what works and what doesn't, what makes people smile and gets them moving and
brightens their day. Now, when we play on huge stages in front of screaming crowds, we're really taking what we learned in the
subway and using it to connect on a deeper level with tons of people all around the world.” Bolstered by a video taken by a tourist
from Latin America that went viral, Lucky Chops began to gain international notice in 2015 and since then have developed a social
media presence of over a million fans strong, have released videos and songs with hundreds of millions of views and listens, and now
when they perform thousands of people travel to them every night to catch one of their captivating and quickly becoming legendary
Never forgetting their roots and opportunities afforded to them as young teenagers, Lucky Chops often still take time to play for young
music students, give lectures and seminars in high schools, and donate resources to youth for music study demonstrating their
commitment to support music education and young people in the arts.


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