Formed in America in 1987 by Don of the Dead (bass), Jer the Butcher (guitar), Gregoroth (vocals) and Behemoth Bill (drums) they soon unleashed their first demo tape entitled "Ritual of Darkness". Shortly after one of many line-up changed occured, Jer and Bill were replaced by Rick Rancid (guitar) and John Sicko (drums). The second demo, "Rotting Christ", followed in 1989 and in 1991 Gregoroth and Sicko left the band. Don took over vocals and Von the Impaler joined as drummer and the third demo, "Impale the Soul of Christ on the Inverted Cross of Death" was released.

In 1995 Gregoroth and Jer the Butcher rejoined the band along with new member Jim the Sadist (drums) and they soon recorded a new demo called "Face of Evil", but shortly after the two members decided to leave the band once again. More line-up changed were made and the band became more productive as they released a wealth of splits, 7" EPs and singles the following years. Only a few full-lengths were released, "Hell's Unholy Fire" in 2000 and "Goat" in 2003 and live albums, "Radio Damnation" in 2000, "Devil Metal" and "One Night in Hell" both in 2001.


Death metal band from Cleveland/Akron, Ohio, US.



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