The Ice Breakers

The Ice Breakers

Four seasoned players came together 2 years ago to form a band unlike anything they had individually been in before. Influences of Blues, Soul, Classic Rock and Funk all come together covering classics by Clapton, Buddy Miles, Three Dog Night and Creedence Clear Water Revival. Soulful renditions of Al Green and Stevie Wonder and inspired rocking classics by The Rolling Stones, Stevie Ray Vaughn and the Beatles. Members include lead guitarist Dan Schuerman. Dan is heavily influenced by the blues. His guitar swells as it covers jam band classics by the Allman Brothers And rips into Stevie Ray Vaughn with an intensity seldom seen. Weaving a thread of tone throughout. Tj Saul, the drummer is an imaginative drummer that breaths life into a beat, while adding additional harmonies to the mix. Tj uses dynamics to draw you in all the while instinctively and intuitively reading the tempo and emotion of the other players. Rich Hernandez, Bass player and backing vocalist. Rich adds his magic with a great bass line that compliments each song laying it all down like a groovy Swiss watch. Bringing the heat when it is needed and laying back to to draw you In. Vocalist and percussionist Jay Connor. Jay brings to life each song with emotion, moving effortlessly from smooth soulful renditions of Van Morrison’s Into the Mystic to Jim Morrison and the Doors “Roadhouse blues”. Jay beats the congas and bongs like they owe him money. Together they form The Ice Breakers. Each setlist unique, like a time capsule. None of this would be possible with out their wives, a mutual love of great music and great fans. Once you see them you will hear the difference.



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