The designer Daniel Riveros, better known as “Gepe”, started publishing his music in 1999 as singer and outstanding instrumentalist of his project Taller Dejao, in which he performed along with Javier Cruz.

After the release of his successful first solo album, “Gepinto” (Quemasucabeza, 2005), the artist surprised both the media and the audience by presenting a new approach to Chilean folk music through pop melodies. This approach was solidified in his second album, “Hungría” (Quemasucabeza, 2007). Over the following year, Gepe released his EP “Las Piedras”, followed by the acclaimed album “Audiovisión” released in 2010 with the record label Quemasucabeza. The album included collaborations by musicians Jorge González, Fakuta and Javiera Mena, among others.

His fourth album “GP” was released in a very successful concert in October 24th, 2012, in Club Chocolate, Santiago. In GP’s tracklist we see important singles such as “En la naturaleza (4-3-2-1-0)”, “Fruta y Té”, “Bomba Chaya” and “Bacán tu casa”. This production lead Gepe to be part of the “Festival del Huaso de Olmué” (January 2013), the third edition of the festival Lollapalooza in Chile (april, 2013), and for “Vive Latino 2013” (México). Moreover, halfway through 2013, Gepe became the first Chilean artist to be confirmed for the Festival de Viña 2014, where he participated both as jury, as well as performed a show that earned him two “Antorchas” (the festival’s trophy) and two gold and silver “Gaviotas” – the maximum distinction given at the festival.

A milestone to Gepe’s consolidation as one of the most important soloists of the Chilean national scene takes place in 2014. The artist’s first performance at the Teatro
Caupolicán, called “Gepe y Amigos” (Gepe and Friends), featured guests of high recognition such as Manuel García, Juanita Parra, Carlos Cabezas and Javiera Mena, among others. The performance captivated over five thousand fans that replenished the venue, sang along and were thrilled by every song, giving an exceptional closure to the “GP” cycle.

His fifth studio work “Estilo Libre” was released in August 2015. The record confirmed where Gepe stands in the national scene, nowadays recognized as one of the most popular artists of the country. To this is added the release of his radio and streaming hits “Hambre”, “TKM”, “Invierno”, “Punto final” y “Ser Amigos”. Gepe’s success with “Estilo Libre” led him to pave a career abroad with visits to México, the LAMC Festival in New York, and tours that have taken him through different cities of the United States with performances in New York, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, San Diego and more. The tours have also led him to perform in different cities of Latin America, his own homeland, and in two important festivals in Spain: “Charco” and “Mar de Músicas”, wrapping up the international trip with a performance in the first edition of the “Festival Frontera” in England.

After almost two years of absence, in May 2017 Gepe shook the grounds with the release of his sixth studio album named “Ciencia Exacta”. The record contains 10 songs written and composed by Gepe, with the exception of “Las Flores”, a cover song of the Mexican band Café Tacvba. In addition, Gepe’s new release features two important guests: the folk singer María Esther Zamora (“Solo”) and the drummer Juanita Parra (“Flor del canelo”). With this recent out-of-the-oven work, Gepe confirmed his presence in two important festivals: Selvámonos (Perú), where he figures as a headliner of the festival’s line up, and Ruido Fest (Chicago), where he will be sharing stage with Julieta Venegas, Mon Laferte, Javiera Mena and other well-recognized artists of the world.

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