Academy presents Tritonal


Producer duo from Austin, Texas, USA. In 2013, they became co-owners of Enhanced Music Limited with Will Holland (2).

$40.00 - $100.00


Saturday, February 17, 2018, Academy presents Tritonal.


Doors open at 10pm. 21 and over.


Tritonal’s evolution and success prove that compelling songwriting, innovative production, and exuberant performances will always resonate with music lovers of all kinds, from underground purists to stadium crowds. As the lead character in the “Blackout” video narrates before connecting with her kindred spirit, “I’ve always been on the inside looking out, never belonging, never fitting in. I was told that I was too different to be loved, too different to be understood. But I know, somewhere in the darkness, there is a light.” It’s a universal longing that Tritional has mastered transcending with every release.


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