Grandchildren (duo)

Grandchildren (duo)

Band from Philadelphia whose multi-instrumentalist members trade performance roles often.
Aleks Martray, Russell Brodie, Roman Salcic, John Vogel, Tristan Palazzolo, Adam Katz.

The Retinas


Grubby Little Hands

Grubby Little Hands use tuneful melodies, densely layered guitar and synth textures, and tight rhythmic foundations to create an amalgam of pop songwriting, paisley psychedelia, and vibrant avant-rock. This is packaged into songs that range from stadium-ready anthems and buoyant surf-rock to whispering lullabies and contemplative deep-cuts, making for a dynamic and mercurial listening experience. They are currently supporting their third album, Garden Party, released in April on Lefse Records.

Kingsley Ibeneche

Kingsley Ibeneche is fresh on the vocal performance scene, but is no stranger to the stage. Trained in dance, Kingsley received a degree in Ballet Performance from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Kingsley was born and raised in Camden, NJ to parents originally from Nigeria.
Combining his love of music and dance, Kingsley makes Soul-Experimental music that fills every corner and ear as he fuses his physically charged sounds

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