Monday Night Residency - Jesus Sons

Things ain’t simple anymore. All-night parties turned into hangovers, Lovin’ turned cheatin’, but the wheels keep rollin’. Conversation got convoluted. Analog has gone digital and work got automated. Forty hours is now 24/7 and money isn’t real. Grass is candy and candy is tasteless. Reporting is gossip and truth is fictional. Route 66 has become desolation road. But these guys keep playing what they like and they like what they play...good ol’ fashioned rock’n’roll. Just what the world needs in these complicated times.

Photo by Anna Aguirre

This music is homemade – that is to say it is created in Glenn Brigman's bedroom in the house where he and Josh Menashe currently live. The writing duo has been recording music together for some time now, preferring multi-track cassette recorders to just about everything else.

The group has been bringing their home recording experiments to their live performances since 2010. With the help of several friends, Triptides is continually creating flowing, transcendental versions of their music for their listeners. Their current live incarnation includes Dylan Sizemore on bass guitar and Jeff Grant on drums.

Triptides is a spectrum of sound. Close your eyes while you listen and allow perception to turn inward.

Hooveriii is Bert Hoover(Mind Meld/Jesus Sons) & friends. The drum machine has been destroyed. The 4-track demos recorded in the living room have been smashed. The group includes(but not limited to) GuitarguitarSaxsynthsynthdrumslonghairbass. Ready or not!!



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