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Aan is a four piece experimental pop project exploring tone and texture through the guise of a rock outfit. Bud Wilson has been writing and recording under this moniker for over seven years, though its first proper LP was released in February of 2014 (Amor Ad Nauseum). Live, the band exhumes a catharsis that feels almost tangible, reworking and deconstructing the recorded material to form a sort of hyper version of its template.

The current lineup of musicians includes Lane Barrington of the electronic project Machinedrum hammering out distracted rhythms while bassist Travis Leipzig roots the groove with wobbling, repetitive riffs. Gabriel Nardin plays guitar and key lines in tandem with Bud's meandering leads, creating something akin to Weezer filtered through side A of Tago Mago or Faust IV.

The band has shared the stage with myriad indie stalwarts and garnered national praise for both their music and videos. The enthusiasm to create new sounding music has never been stronger for the group and 2015 looks to produce another LP of original, forward thinking sounds.

The members of Portland’s Genders had already closed the book on their previous band by the time they received the news that it had been voted one of the city’s best new acts. Seemingly, this was just the motivation they needed to accelerate through the tiresome early stages of establishing their new project.

Now - four years and countless road hours later, including a full national tour opening for Built To Spill - the gang of four is preparing for their sixth release with the kind of confidence that can only be gained from experience. Phone Home features five new reverb-drenched rockers that take a slightly different approach than the band’s previous adventures with dream pop; the new bunch sounding more like a nightmare than any kind of dream.

The first glimpse of this is the sarcastically titled Life Is But A Dream, in which singer/guitarist Maggie Morris addresses a recent heartbreak through gritted teeth as she tunefully laments over dreamy guitars and a relaxed yet compelling groove.

DAN DAN is an analog synth and drum trio. Over a shared love of analog synthesizers and beats, the band weaves dense, melodic synth-led dance-psych epics.

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