Boots Off Burly Brawl: A Burlesque Improv Competition

$20.00 - $30.00


Introducing the very first BOOTS OFF BURLY BRAWL!

Hosted by your local hee-hawin' burly gals:

Beatrix B. Naughty and Ethel Loveless!

We're lookin' for 13 of the roughest and the toughest burlesque performers from all over and we mean business.
Winner gets cash prize, B.O.B.B. title and headlines the next brawl. You got what it takes?


FEATURING at local saloon The Cure Lounge:

One of our favorite Rocket Dolls from Indianapolis; headliner of the evening:

Of course some of your local favorites:
Stevie Dicks
Buster Fireel
Victoria Delight

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