SAÍGO Residency

Neo-soul, or as some call it, future soul, both describe an insurgent scene in its nascent stages; a nebulous amalgamation of syrupy groove and electronic textures. Los Angeles
based vocalist/producer SAIGO embraces the fluidity of the genre, interlacing organic musicality with a diverse palette of beats, all with an undercurrent of introspection and social consciousness.

His breakout single, “The Other”, successfully captured the attention of the R&B/beats community, garnering recognition from Pigeons and Planes as one of their “Best New Artists”, as well as airplay on BBC Radio and placement on Spotify’s “Alternative R&B”
playlist. His ongoing collaborations with producer Kan Wakan have also been successful, reaching #1 on Hype Machine and entering BBC and KCRW rotation with the single “Still Feather”.

Balancing perspectives absorbed through a peripatetic life on four continents, SAIGO shares lyrical insights from romance to philosophy, distilling complexity and conflict into eccentric sonic tapestry. At the center of it all is a voice that is at once sensitive, inquisitive, and daring.

Chloe Charles

Canadian singer/songwriter from Toronto.


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