SAÍGO Residency

Neo-soul, or as some call it, future soul, both describe an insurgent scene in its nascent stages; a nebulous amalgamation of syrupy groove and electronic textures. Los Angeles
based vocalist/producer SAIGO embraces the fluidity of the genre, interlacing organic musicality with a diverse palette of beats, all with an undercurrent of introspection and social consciousness.

His breakout single, “The Other”, successfully captured the attention of the R&B/beats community, garnering recognition from Pigeons and Planes as one of their “Best New Artists”, as well as airplay on BBC Radio and placement on Spotify’s “Alternative R&B”
playlist. His ongoing collaborations with producer Kan Wakan have also been successful, reaching #1 on Hype Machine and entering BBC and KCRW rotation with the single “Still Feather”.

Balancing perspectives absorbed through a peripatetic life on four continents, SAIGO shares lyrical insights from romance to philosophy, distilling complexity and conflict into eccentric sonic tapestry. At the center of it all is a voice that is at once sensitive, inquisitive, and daring.

Salami Rose Joe Louis

Salami rose joe louis plays keys, vox, and attempts to make beats sometimes..thank you for your listens!

Hailing from Los Angeles, SILENTSHOUT is an exploratory avant-pop duo comprised of singer/dancer/multi-instrumentalist Alina Cutrono and composer/producer/multi-instrumentalist Theo Karon. Their sound is characterized by Alina’s disarmingly intimate and direct vocals, bolstered by a blend of dark synth pop, musique concrete, experimental dance music and the shrieking acoustical oddness of the classical avant-garde. The duo draws inspiration from Bjork, Kate Bush, Robert Wyatt, and Vangelis to craft sonic worlds that underpin the exaltation and terror of their lyrics, evoking the oppressive paranoia of postmodern sci-fi as a mirror held to the present era. Their live show is explosive and constantly evolving, supported by a rotating cast of members and instrumentation, while the band’s studio work incorporates cutting-edge electronic minimalism, experimental analog processes, and ambitious large ensemble arrangements on equal footing. Their debut album, You Will Learn, is slated to be released in 2018.


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