The Unseen, Violent Society, Cherry Pop

The Unseen

Boston-based street punk band formed in the mid 1990's. They were awarded "Best Punk Band" at the 2004 Boston Music Awards.

Mark - Vocals
Tripp - Bass, Vocals
Scott - Lead Guitar
Melzard - Drums
Jonny - Guitar

Violent Society

Violent Society is a Philadelphia, PA. based punk rock band that formed in 1990. The band was started in high school by friends, Mike (Mick), Pat (Pat Society) and Bill (Dirty Rotten Bill). They were then joined by Pat Kelly in Nov 1991. In 1995, shortly before recording there first album."Not Enjoyin' Bill decided to leave and was replaced by Dave (Huevos).

The next few years saw the band release 3 more albums with 1996's "The Rise of Punk" followed by 1997's "Times of Distraught" and , in 1999, there final album before breaking up was "Separation is Killing Us".

In 2003 the band decided to call it a day together, but still came out of retirement for the occasionally "reunion" show. However, in 2008 the band decided to regroup and in 2010, saw a return to touring with a West Coast tour with Combat Crisis. To accompany the tour the band released there 4th album "We Don't Believe" on Creep Records.

The band recently recorded new material for a soon-to-be-released Kill Your Idols tribute album and an upcoming Christmas compilation. They are now concentrating on new material for release in 2011.



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