Bozeman Swing - Intro to Vintage Swing Dancing

Bozeman Swing - Lindy Hop 101

Stephen and Kathi Dobelbower have been dancing since 1998 and fell in love with Lindy Hop in 2008. Having travelled to multiple swing dance camps and events developing their lindy hop and learning other styles of vintage swing, they are known for their creativity and passion of supporting a thriving swing community. They founded Bozeman Swing with a small group of people in 2008 and are still teaching lessons, hosting international instructors for swing events, and running two monthly dances, 2nd Saturday Swing Dance and Balboa Tea Party. Jazz music is also a great passion to both Stephen and Kathi. Kathi routinely DJ’s swing dances and that nourishes her quest for the history of the dance and music.
Teaching people to dance is teaching people life skills that in our modern world are fast becoming a lost art. Learning vintage swing styles of dance are about learning communication and partnership, how to relax, laugh, and have fun together. Stephen and Kathi love bringing all the wonderful benefits of swing dancing to people in the community.

Lindy Hop 101 – “Oh my gosh, they look so cool!” This is what people say when they see Lindy Hop. Lindy Hop 101 will teach those cool fundamental moves of Lindy Hop, the Swing Out and Lindy Circle, that are the heart and soul of swing. This four week series will focus on the fundamental rhythm and connection of Lindy Hop. We will break it all down into bite sized bits with lots of practice time and partner rotation to build your social dancing confidence. Stephen and Kathi Dobelbower will lead you through some foundational techniques that will help you comfortably intermix different rhythms and create lead and partner connection that makes swing feel so yummy. If you’ve already taken our Intro to Vintage Swing or already have some East Coast basics, we will explore ways to incorporate those shapes with the Swing Out and Lindy Circle. This class series will help you understand why swing dancers might just be some of the happiest people on the planet!

$20.00 - $29.00

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This 3 lesson series on Feb 13th, Feb. 20, and Feb 27th will be getting you a great foundation for vintage swing dancing with a focus on triple rhythm foot work basics, lead and follow techniques, and well, fun! By the time you are finished with this series you should feel comfortable getting out on the social dance floor practicing the basics. This is a great series to take if you just want to learn how to dance and perfect if you want to get a solid foundation to start learning more of the vintage styles of swing like Lindy Hop. Stephen and Kathi Dobelbower love teaching people swing dancing and look forward to dancing with you.
Please wear smooth soled shoes and clothes you feel comfortable moving around in. Cost: $29/person or $20/person for students with ID and seniors.
Because this is a short series, there will not be a pro-rated series or refund for missed classes. No partner needed.

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