mongst the blanket-covered walls and strung lights of a basement in Windsor, Ontario, an indie rock power trio known as Huttch was formed in 2014. Drawing influences from bands such as Hollerado and Yukon Blonde, their music is a blend of psychedelic and fast paced rock. If their well-crafted guitar riffs and solid rhythm section complete with driving bass lines doesn’t ignite an adrenaline rush, their act also includes acrobatic stunts mid guitar solo. With gear spiffed up in vibrant aztec patterns, and outfits adorned with sea-shell necklaces, the band could easily be mistaken for California strays; softly reminding their audience to relish in life’s simple, audio pleasures.

Torero is a roots rock and roll band from Toronto. One part country, three parts rock and roll, they strike the right balance between twang and grit, classic country and rock and roll. Fronted by soulful Pretenders fan Lenny Bull, and guitarist Evan Fowler.

They started in 2013, when lead singer Eleanor Bull, and lead guitar player Evan Fowler started writing together. In 2015 they released their debut full-length album. Receiving critical acclaim, Torero (2015) has had airplay on CBC radio, 102.1 the edge, and other stations across Canada. Since the album, they have released an official music video for single "Canyon", and a string of live videos with Wood & Wires and Southern Souls. All the while, they’ve been touring all over Ontario and the East Coast.

The Brandy Alexanders

We are The Brandy Alexanders, a psychedelic/pop/rock band from Windsor Ontario, consisting Alex Dick, Daniel Dick, Shawn Dawson, Derek Impens, and Sean Shepherd. Stick around and give us a like to hear some saucy tunes in the near future.

$10.00 - $12.00


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