Two Sets of Eyes and Miss Remember with The Burst and Bloom

Two Sets of Eyes

In the midst of a sonic landscape between the floods and fires of Earth, a trio of friends and musicians come together to express their most prominent thoughts and feelings in song. Two Sets of Eyes brings a progressive blend of Post Punk, Hip Hop, Pop, and Jazz to the Chicago music scene.

After releasing their debut self-titled EP on November 25, 2017, the band has been awarded as The Deli Chicago's "Artist of the Month." Amongst making a few end of the year lists as a top release (CHIRP Radio, Independent Clauses), Rebel Noise praised the band saying "Two Sets of Eyes is a testament to how startling and resourceful independent music can be when its creators work within a boundless shared vision." Independent Clauses reviewed the EP calling it a "mind-bending release that manages to seamlessly mesh moments of wildly inventive, almost avant-garde weirdness into songs that were already clever, intricate indie-rock pieces."

Miss Remember is a rock band that rocks from Chicago. Formed by Jim Tashjian (gtr, vox), Peter Tashjian (drms), Leslie Beukelman (vox) and Martin Stonikas (bass) when the four were students at the Chicago College of Performing Arts, the members all continue to be active in various bands in various circles of the Chicago music scene (District 97, Hood Smoke, Hey Champ, Goran Ivanovic Trio, Brite Lite, Davy Knowles, Luna, BD and the jackrabbits, Timetables etc…) As a band, they combine sounds from their rock roots with their love of diverse musics from around the city, the country and the world. Dissonant harmony and a unique rhythmic concept are layered with delicate, simplistic melodies. They are children of the 90’s, who grew up in the midwest, just striving to write good songs. Miss Remember is releasing their first full length record on the Ears&Eyes label, January 13, 2017.

The Burst and Bloom

Music is all about chemistry, and chemistry is all about bonds. When musicians share the unique bond of life-long friendships, the results are quite spectacular.

This is the case of The Burst and Bloom, 3 talented Chicago musicians who have been playing music together in various capacities for over 16 years. This is their brand new adventure in the world of DIY original music: the group is proudly in charge of writing, producing and recording their own material and their vision is simple: making the best music they can possibly make, approaching each song with integrity and with the goal of crafting something truly excellent for themselves and their listeners.

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