Console Command, Goodbye, Titan, War In The Pocket

Console Command

Hailing from Durham, NC, Console Command is a group of 4 hyper nerds playing your favorite tunes from your favorite games. Get your nostalgia ready, Console Command is comin'!

Goodbye, Titan

"Raleigh's Goodbye, Titan exhibits remarkable dynamism, alternating between tiptoed delicacy and fantastic crescendos within each epic. Allen Palmer and Tilson play like two halves of the same guitarist, often finishing each other's melodic phrases. Bassist Matt Cash and drummer Cameron Purser lend the band remarkable immediacy, with the latter's love of acts like Atreyu affording Goodbye, Titan an additional oomph." -Indy Week's Corbie Hill

War In The Pocket

War In The Pocket is an independent band based out of the Triangle area of NC and Richmond, Virginia!



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