Indie Rock Night

Formally known as The Lounge Act, Warpark is a genre-bending rock trio from NYC that makes loud, groovy music.

Out All Night

New York City based indie rock band.

Guilty Giraffe

Guilty Giraffe participants are:
- Mat: Founder guitar player, he has written songs for years developing his "sound." Mat is a self-taught guitar player and songwriter. His tools consists of a guitar running through various pedals that he configures to screech and distort, but also make clean, and pronounced tones. His Blackstar/Fender is the source of amplification.
- Felipe: A self-taught drummer who spent years developing his drumming working in different bands and projects. His tools consists of a 4-piece kit (sometimes 5), with two groupings of 3 cymbals on his right and left. Felipe's drumming origins developed from a heavy and fast style of playing, today he fuses it with new inspirations. He also has an interest in electronic music composition and music production, on his spare time he makes music under the name "Árvore."

The Living Strange

The Living Strange is a Brooklyn based Alternative Rock band lead by songwriter, Elijah Sokolow. The Living Strange has self released 2 EPs and toured the US consistently. Their sound has been described as 50% Talking Heads, 50% Rage Against the Machine.



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