Thomas Fire Benefit Show ft. Deep Fields

Deep Fields

Deep Fields is a close group of friends who play music together

With their new EP, Psychic Quarry, Sheer embrace a change that finds the band at their most relaxed and inspired. While their debut LP Uneasy introduced the band as one with a kinship for dreamy, reverb-induced soundscapes, Psychic Quarry is a much more catchy, and indie rock-informed affair.

The six songs on Psychic Quarry cover a lot of ground – feelings of anxiety and depression, the vulnerability of intimacy, and even the post-election shock many of found ourselves coping with.

Formed in the aftermath of several failed bands. Los Angeles’s Love Nothing combines a powerful mix of loud guitars and emotional vocals that reflect the bands chaotic past.

Old Notes is a three piece emo band that equally enjoys writing beautiful melodies as much as they thrive on singing about the anguishes of life, all the while backed by truly powerful layered chords and lead guitar work, booming bass guitar and massive, yet articulate drum sound. You may hear subtle nuances of 90's emo such as Mineral, The Promise Ring and American Football, as well as the more modern sad rock acts such as You Blew It!, Modern Baseball and Tiny Moving Parts. Old Notes released their first album entitled, "Former Self" in August of 2016 and are featured on the Alternative Press Discovery Playlist The band is ready to hit the road July of 2017 and play those songs for everyone across the nation to hear the sad tunes played by rad dudes.



A benefit show for the victims of the Thomas Fire. We will be accepting donations at the door.

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